Saturday, May 11, 2013

A party, Lake Visit, Texts, and Other Randoms

I'm taking a break from house updates to get some adorable photos of my cuties on this little ol blog. I mean as cute as the house is, I really think they are WAY cuter. This is sort of a jumbo mix of all the things we've been up to lately.
A couple weekends ago, Mr. Howard watched the babies while I took Connor to a party at a gymnastics place for my best friend's daughter, Sophia's, birthday. Oh my goodness. What fun it was!! Connor went to bed early that night and I did not hear a single peep from him until about 8am the next morning. Now that's a sign of a GOOD party!
The kids had so much fun! The best part was that Sophia's Mama and Daddy could just enjoy the party. The staff took care of everything else (including passing out snacks, drinks, food, etc.). How fun!
I actually COMPLETELY forgot it was Mother's Day this weekend until Mr. Howard asked me something about a gift. This house move and build has taken every ounce of brain power I had left (and trust me, after having four babies - I didn't have much to begin with). Yikes. (Sorry Mom and Kathe - you're gifts are on their way!). I have three adorable little presents sitting on my kitchen counter right now just begging me to open them from my kids. Connor was so funny because when he handed them to me, he said "Mama you have a BIG surprise! Put them on the counter and I'll open them later." I think it's hilarious he thinks he gets to open MY presents. This is a major improvement from a few days ago when he said, "Mama, Daddy hid a pot for a plant that I made you." Ha! Nice one, buddy. Nice one. Daddy quickly tried to "shhhh" him, but it didn't work. He didn't understand the concept of not telling me.
The thing I'm most looking forward to about mother's day? Spending some time with my littles this weekend in our new house!! Mr. Howard has to work, so there won't be any breakfast in bed for me, baths, or any relaxing - but I will be doing just what I should be doing on Mother's Day - spending time with my kids. **Mr. Howard doesn't know it yet, either, but I also plan on having him take some pictures of me and the kids!!**
*These little Aiden Car Photos were taken at preschool. One of the teachers sent them to me and I just died.*

Speaking of school, I made the most silly mistake! I completely forgot about Teacher Appreciation Week (ridiculous because I'm a teacher!). It was an honest mistake because the school I work at is celebrating it next week and I just completely spaced. I plan on sending in little gifts next week. Oh well. Appreciation is appreciation regardless of the week, right? I'll just extend their appreciation. =) And the nice part is that I'm getting to see all my blog friend's ideas for great gifts!
And here are a few instagram (@thehowardbunch) photos from the past few weeks:
Bath time with my sister:
Me and the Twins:
Auntie Rebecca, Uncle Colin, and Mr. Howard took Isabella and Connor to the lake a few days ago while I was working and they got these photos (Aiden was at preschool - each Wednesday one of the twins goes to preschool and they alternate - giving them each some independence):

 So precious!!
And lastly, Aiden was sick yesterday. We think he was teething, but to be certain - we kept him home from school. Daddy stayed home in the morning and did his conference calls from home. I got this text:
He found out yesterday morning that he has a meeting he cannot miss next Friday (the day we leave for San Diego for my brother's graduation), so he was on the computer trying to find flights. Thankfully, we found one that will work. I'm sure he's THRILLED beyond words to escape the nine hour drive with all the kids. I'm jealous. Maybe he should purchase a return ticket and I can fly back by MYSELF. That's a fair deal, right? =)
Alright, well, we're off to do the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk in honor of Mr. Howard's Mom who fought breast cancer and is now cancer free!!! Let's hope the kids stay in the stroller the entire walk!


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I have been really forgetful lately also. I blame prego brain:) I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and get spoiled rotten!

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