Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And will you succeed? Yes! Yes, you will indeed. (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed)!

You'll move mountains, Colin.
Bonus points to anyone who gets the title reference. It's my favorite.
After my brother's Law School Graduation ceremony on May 18th, we went outside for a few minutes to take a few pictures! Some of these are my photos and some are ones my sister took (I assure you I will not need to tell you which ones are which. Ha!). Here's my mom and dad with my brother.
And my brother and Connor in Uncle Colin's Graduation cap:
Colin and his girlfriend Rebecca:
After pictures, we drove over to Coronado Island to Il Fornaio for a lunch/dinner party. The menu had my brother's name and date on it. So sweet.  
 This is the only photo of Aiden I got and it's blurry. He was go, go, go. Unfortunately, right when Rebecca and Valerie went to pick up the kids from the sitter at their house to bring them to the restaurant, they had JUST gone down for their naps. So, all four of them were in some serious moods. In retrospect, we probably should have left them there so we could enjoy our lunches.
I put the boys in matching outfits, but didn't get a single photo of them together. This is the best (below) I have. We set up a little coloring/toys station on the floor with stuff that Valerie and Rebecca brought. All four kids had a blast for a little while.
 The boys:
 Me, Aiden, and Isabella. At least I'm looking.
 And now in this one, none of us are looking. So much for my plan to get a picture of me with all the kids.
Below: Colin, Rebecca, Devin, David, Jordan, Katie
 Connor in Uncle Colin's Gown:
And apparently this is the only photo I have of Izzy. She looked quite cute in her turquoise and purple dress though. Hmph.
 Colin and Rebecca:
 Jake, Rebecca, Colin, Rafael (from our high school), Brytni (his wife), and Olivia (their daughter)
 Jake and Connor:
 The Kirkpatrick Siblings: My brother, sister, and me
Hubby and I left after about an hour because the kids desperately needed naps. But here is a group shot taken after we left. My Uncle John and cousins Kira and Adam (from Orange) were there, along with my grandfather's wife, Aunt Erin, and Uncle Nathan too from Arizona. It was so much fun to see everyone!
We had such a great time celebrating my brother and were so thankful we could spend the day celebrating his HUGE accomplishment!
Side Note: I went back and updated THIS post with the pictures my sister sent me of Aiden on the airplane for the first time!


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