Friday, May 17, 2013

Building Our Home - Blinds

Are you sick of house updates?
One of the very first things Mr. Howard did when we moved in was installed the television over the fireplace. I'm pretty sure he was in electronics Heaven because we've never had a wall pre-wired for television before (so that there aren't any wires showing at all). The next thing he did, before we even had our bedroom and bathroom unpacked, was installed the surround sound speakers in the family room. Again, we had that pre-wired before they drywalled, so all we have are the speakers in our ceiling.  
 The next thing on our to-do list was to buy blinds. We purchased them the day we moved in (Saturday, May 4th). They told us it'd take several days to get the blinds in and custom cut, but they phoned us the next day and told us they had arrived. 26 blinds sitting there and ready to be installed.
 Our first priority was the bathroom (so we could shower without giving a show to all the construction workers who had a perfect line of sight straight into our shower):
 Next was our bedroom:
 We are NO WHERE near done decorating, unpacking, setting things up - but I just wanted to show you the blinds in the family room:
 And the kitchen:
 And our formal living room:
 And the butler's pantry:
We still have Aiden's room, Isabella's room, the playroom, the laundry room, and the guest bedroom left to do. But we're making major progress. Next time we build a house, I'm purposely going to pick the house floorplan that has the least amount of windows (one big window instead of four in a room). Ha! At least we're experts now! Anyone need some blinds installed?!?
After blind installation, we have three top priorities: (1) UNPACK!!!! (2) Backsplash (3) Landscape Plans for the backyard...oh...and did I mention we still need to unpack?!?!?

I'm going to be quiet on the blog for the next few days as I'm leaving for San Diego this morning to celebrate my little brother's GRADUATION FROM LAW SCHOOL!!!!!!! Holy Moly Zoly. I'm so excited. He is amazing! I am leaving this morning (beware would-be burglars: we have someone house-sitting, plus an alarm!) and will back at the end of the weekend.


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