Thursday, May 9, 2013

Building Our House: Day 1 of Paint

On May 2nd, the painters painted the downstairs! We picked Sherwin Williams SW7030 Anew Gray and we're going to do accent colors of teal/turquoise (curtains, pillows, decorations, etc.). Our blinds are a beautiful dark wood color; I think it's called espresso. They are 2.5 inch wood blinds and we just put them up in our bedroom and LOVE them.
 Here's another picture of the living room from a different angle so you can see it without the ceiling fan and light fixture:
Mr. Howard hung the first of six fans. This one was a priority because we knew we'd be hanging out in the family room and with the weather changing, we wanted to get it in quickly.
And here's the fan all installed and ready to go. I really do love it!! 
While they had painted the downstairs (you can see they hadn't started the stairs yet), they had only done one coat. They did the second coat on Friday. So it is a little darker now.
 Our Formal Living Room
 The kitchen:

We are SO happy with the way it turned out. I didn't take photos after day 2, because it was late and dark and then we moved in the next day, so I will post pictures of the house furnished as we go. I'll be honest, unpacking is taking a LONG, LONG time (mostly because we're also trying to install fans, televisions, blinds, and other projects and those are taking priority right now over unpacking all the little stuff). So I'll probably go room-by-room. We are also trying to find a concrete person to lay our concrete in the backyard and someone to help with the grass, sprinklers, etc. (we plan on doing a lot of the work ourselves, but we want to a landscaper to help us make some decisions).
It feels amazing to be in the home, but it is also overwhelming. There is just so much to be done and I could really use a 2 week vacation from work to manage all the projects. But, alas, such is life. Too much to do, too little time to do it! We are blessed beyond words with our beautiful home.


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