Sunday, June 9, 2013

As a boy Mama, I've learned a thing or two

Auntie Jen, Mr. Howard, and I went to take the boys to get their hair cut a few Saturday's ago. They needed haircuts SO badly!
As a boy Mama there are a few things I've learned about haircuts.
  1. Hair cuts last about 5 days. Seriously. Their hair grows so stinkin' fast.
  2. Knowing the blade size you want them to use will save you standing there looking like a dummy as you gesture to other people with similar hairstyles in the haircut place.  Acceptable Example: "He needs a 2 on the sides and 4 on the top." Unacceptable example: "I want the top to be like this (holds fingers in the air to show how long you want it) and the sides to be short...Uhh. You know, like 'boy' short."
  3. You need to know what type of neckline you want your boys to have! And "a normal one" is not an acceptable answer.
Here was a before photo of Aiden from the weekend before:
I took these with my iPhone and it blurred out some stuff. Oops.

I always brings snacks when the boys are getting their hair cuts. It's the PERFECT distraction!
What a handsome boy!
They did an adorable faux hawk on Aiden, but of course I didn't get an after photo! Oops!

Connor before. Seriously. Eeek! It was so long he was having trouble keeping it out of his eyes!
And his after photo
Such handsome boys. I never thought I'd be the Mama of three boys, but boy am I blessed. I'm learning all sorts of things about boy haircuts with Aiden and Connor and all the terminology that goes with it! (Some day, Mr. Howard will have to learn about all sorts of little girl hair stuff too. But for now, I do her hair!)


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I love the one about knowing the size of the cutters. So funny,

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