Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Building Our Home - Island Construction

This will be the last update before you see the island all done (or at least painted and put together).

My dad finished the front pieces without Mr. Howard's help, which was SOO nice of him. He dropped them off about a week ago so that we could have the pieces to give the painter. We haven't attached any of the fronts because we are going to send just the outside pieces off to the painter (so he doesn't have to stain it in our kitchen - he can do it in his shop on his own time).  Below is the side of the island that will house our spices:

 Here is a sort of side view of the side piece (you can see how it'll look next to the spice cabinet fronts:
 Here is a close-up of the side piece:
 Here are the pots and pan drawer fronts (there are obviously fronts for the top drawers too, but he couldn't hold them all up). We will need to get hardware for the drawers to open them:
We have to send off all the drawer fronts, cabinet fronts, trim pieces, legs, and some base boards to the painter. He has been SWAMPED with work, so we haven't sent them off yet. We are hoping we'll be able to do that this week.


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