Monday, June 24, 2013

Closet Organization and The Beginning of the Kids' Rooms

When we moved out of our other home, we split the kids' clothes into two different groups: one half would come with us and the other would go in storage until we moved into our new home. Additionally, when we were living at my mom's house, we only had one dresser for all the kids. So all their pants and shorts, socks and underwear, and pajamas were all together in one closet and dresser.

Finally, when we moved into this house, we had a lot of stuff to go through: boxes that had been in storage for 5 months, boxes of mixed items of clothing from my parents' house, and new clothes that we had bought in the meantime. For about a month we lived with the kids each having a box and tub in their room filled with miscellaneous stuff. Whenever I'd get the kids ready in the morning, I'd have to go from room to room to search the tubs and boxes to find items that went together - sometimes finding Aiden's pants in Izzy's room, Connor's shirt in Aiden's room, and Isabella's dress in a box in Connor's room. It was a pain.

Then, one day - stupidly - I left a huge trash bag filled with clothes that needed to go to goodwill in Connor's room and then decided to put him in his room for timeout. Bad idea. Can you guess where this is heading? Connor took every ounce of the contents of the bag and spread it all over his floor - in addition to ripping down most of the things that were hanging in his closet. I decided that that was the sign that I needed to finally take on the closet project. Here's what it looked like in Connor's Room:

 My plan was to do one room at a time, but that plan didn't work out so well when I went into each room and started to sort boxes, only to find some stuff that needed to go into the other two rooms. Eventually I took every single piece of clothing and shoes from all three rooms and sorted it all at once. I also set aside 5 huge bags of clothes and shoes that needed to go to goodwill.
 Here's what Aiden's Room look like before:
 And Aiden's Closet before:
Aiden's Closet Afterwards:
 Isabella's Closet Afterwards:
 Connor's Closet afterwards:
Here was everything we set aside to donate to goodwill:

After getting their closets all sorted and organized, I also needed to buy dressers for Aiden and Isabella (in our other house, Connor had a dresser in his room and then Aiden and Isabella, who shared a room, had a built in closet organizer with drawers). Those arrived at the end of last week and we were able to get them both built and set up in the kids rooms. This is Aiden's dresser for his pirate room. We did get him a mirror too, but it was broken - so we have to have it resent:
 And Isabella's for her Castle Room:
We've picked out the bedding and themes for all their rooms, but we still need to pick out paint colors and start working on it. Mr. Howard is going to custom-make Izzy's bed as a built-in along one side of her wall. It should be adorable...if we ever get it done.

Slowly but surely, we're making progress on the kids' rooms. I'm hoping to get at least one kid's room (or maybe two?) plus the playroom done while my mother-in-law is here for three weeks! She arrives in a few days. to get dressed and ready to start my day! Do you want to know how amazing my friend is? She's taking her daughter into preschool and coming over to help me/hang out with me and my crazy kiddos. Am I blessed or what? She'll be here in a few hours!


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