Thursday, June 6, 2013

Deep Breaths...Don't get Overwhelmed

Here's a house update. I am always so curious about people's houses and can't stand to wait until people post their "All Finished" photos. I like to see the progress photos too!
We have been working like crazy people to get blinds hung in our house. We started with our downstairs and got those hung very quickly (we had our family room and master bedroom done within a week of living here), but it was taking us forever to do the rooms that weren't high on our priority list. We finally busted out the last few blinds on May 23rd and were completely finished with every single window in the house. Hallelujah. Connor helped Daddy install them with the tools on his tool bench. Because obviously plastic hammers and fake drills are quite useful!
 On May 23, 2013 - Mr. Howard mowed the lawn and I got a photo of the house. Our grass looks so good right now and I just want to freeze time and make it stay perfect like this!
 Since we knew Jen was coming in a few weeks, at the end of May we got the bathroom all fixed up. We used the pinterest trick to raise your shower curtain (we used real curtains that we had in our master bedroom at our old house and just cut holes in the top to hang them) and put the shower rod up about 18 inches higher than it should be. We've gotten a few compliments on how big it makes the bathroom look.

Here's a before (you can get an idea of how high we put the shower bar too!):
We've started a little decorating, although, to be perfectly honest, we're only working on the areas people will see when we are entertaining. We'll work on the upstairs when we're caught up on everything else. Oh goodness. I just laughed out loud. Let's be honest. I'll be caught up, say, in 10 years. Here is the before and after of our dining room:
 Here is another before and after of our formal living room. We have a long ways to go in this room. But we didn't want to put too big of a photo here, because we'll have four curtain panels (one on each side of those ridiculously tiny windows!).
We have a little nook in our formal living room/hallway right at the front door and we looked and looked for the perfect thing to put in it. We decided on cube shelving. We are going to do a gallery wall above this and put teal baskets in the shelving.
So that's where we're at right now. My mother-in-law is helping with a few decorations (throw pillows for our living room and a wall quilt for Connor's room), but I need to start picking some things out (like curtains, gallery wall frames, bedding for all three kids' rooms, dressers....ahh now I'm getting overwhelmed again). We're aiming to have the downstairs relatively done for Connor's birthday party in July.


Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Everything looks great! Love the shower curtain! Will have to try that!

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