Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Today is my first official day in my new role as Stay at Home Summer Mama and I'm just catching up on some blogging before the kids wake up. Then I am taking them into preschool and I'm going to get my hair done. Trust me. I need it.
Memorial Day weekend was a lot of fun. Mr. Howard had to work, but we woke up early Saturday morning, went to Mr. Howard's work, and bought a vacuum. 
I know it's lame to get excited about a vacuum, but we haven't owned one in several years (we had hardwood and tile in our other home and only one tiny room with carpet). Connor was so thrilled to be vacuuming that I used it as a treat all day "If you eat your lunch, I'll let you vacuum when you're done"..."if we hurry home from the park, we can vacuum when we get there!" Ha!
On Sunday, I got the kids ready and then we headed over to the park. I asked the kids to pose for a photo on the stairs before we left and this is what they did. My heart. On days when I'm home with the kids, we go to the park twice a day and usually go on about a two mile walk too. Anything to keep them busy, busy, busy.
On Sunday, the kids and I got ready and went to the park bright and early. First we took a few photos on the stairs. These stair photos are becoming a fun tradition.
Umm. When did my kids turn 13? I also just noticed they were sitting in the exact same position as the Sunday photo on the same steps and all.
The kids have so much fun at the park. Aiden and Izzy, especially, are really starting to interact and have fun with each other. So sweet. 
Later on, the kids took a nap. I had a million things to do and should have picked one of the many to-do's and done it, but instead I crawled into bed and took a nap right alongside them.
After naptime, we played out front of the house with our bikes. What fun they had.
Connor and Izzy:
They are still building like crazy in our neighborhood. All the houses behind us and to the sides of us are done, but they are working on the corner houses across the street from us and then there are a bunch of empty lots they need to fill in. I haven't been over to the models in a while, so I'm not sure if the lots have sold yet, but I'll be happy when all the construction is done.
On Monday we celebrated Mother's Day with my mom. I am going to have to do a separate post with the gift because I have a similar gift for Connor's other grandma and I FINALLY plan on putting it in the mail tomorrow. It has been sitting in a package to be mailed for about three weeks. Ridiculous.
We let the babies play outside in my parents' pool while we were waiting for dinner. Oh my goodness; they had so much fun (I actually just registered Connor for swim lessons last night because of how much fun he had in the water!).
A video of them in the pool:
I posted this photo on instagram, but talk about real life. Super unflattering photo of me; Isabella was screaming on the top of her lungs; Aiden was hitting Connor; and Connor was screaming, "AIDEN GET OFF OF ME!!!" Let me tell you. Monday was a hard, hard day.
 But all in all, it was such a fun weekend. Some days it is hard to imagine how I am going to survive until nap time, let alone until bed time and other days, I can't believe how quickly the time has passed.


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