Friday, June 21, 2013

Moving Announcement Card

I really wanted to do a story card for a Moving Announcement and tried searching all over for one I loved on Etsy. I found a few I liked, but none that I LOVED. I really wanted a very unique and custom card, so I started looking for a template I could customize on my own. I found THIS Christmas Year in Review one by Birdesign and fell in love with it. I honestly wasn't looking for a free template; I was expecting to have to pay for it - but this one was my favorite AND it was free!

Of course, because it was a Christmas Year in Review One, I had to tweak it to make it work for a Moving Announcement. But my vision for it seemed to come together!

I printed them as 5x7's (it really is made for a full-sized piece of paper) and because of the dimensions of the original and because I didn't want to crop any of it, it came out a little smaller than a 5x7 - but I didn't hear any complaints.

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