Sunday, June 23, 2013

Travel Around the World

Now that I'm a Stay at Home Mama, I've been trying to find LOTS of things to entertain myself  and the kids. We've been going on Wednesdays to the library at my work because they are doing a Travel Around the World Program where the kids get little passports and each week they travel to a new "country"! It's been so much fun! The first week I only had Connor and Isabella because it was Aiden's last day of Wednesday Preschool (I think I mentioned this before...but on Wednesday's the twins alternate going to preschool by themselves. My mom watches the other two). I had to run to the grocery store before we left and someone asked how old Isabella was. I don't know why I do this, but I literally feel COMPELLED to tell people she's a twin. Part of it just comes out, I'll say something like, "oh they are two-years-old" and when they say, "they?" I'll explain that he/she is a twin. But sometimes I feel compelled to tell people who don't even care. So strange. I have problems.

The first country they visited was Australia! 
 For their snack they had "ants on a log."
 For their craft, they made boomerangs. Did you know that in Australia they used them for hunting? I didn't!
 Isabella mainly just ran around, but she did throw her boomerang a few times!
The second country we went to was Italy! And I was in charge of that one. Can I tell you something so funny? For a living, I get up in front of people and speak publicly every SINGLE day. I am not a person who gets shy talking to kids. AT ALL (or else, I would SERIOUSLY be in the wrong business). But I was so nervous about doing this. I think mostly because I didn't know what to expect. Mr. Howard came with me (thank goodness) because there would have been no way for me to teach people about Italy and wrangle my littles. I snapped this as we were walking in:
Story time (Connor is in the back left corner of the library):
 Daddy, Aiden, and Isabella:
 Me teaching about Italy:
 Daddy wrangling the kids. They did really well at first. They even sat still long enough for a coworker to snap this adorable photo of them while I was teaching. But about 5 minutes after this, Daddy had to take all three out of the room because they were being too disruptive and loud. Two is a hard age for a 20 minute presentation about Italy.
Afterwards the kids had biscotti, penne pasta, and breadsticks! For their craft they could choose to do a penne noodle necklace or a Leaning Tower of Pisa. We didn't stay for the craft because my kiddos were WILD. Whew! Afterwards Daddy said "Wow. This is hard. I don't know how you stay home with them all day." Yep, babe. That's why I'm near tears when you call and say you're going to be five minutes late. Hard. Hard. Hard. Not that I'd trade it for one minute. I know we're in a stage that will quickly pass.

Alright, well I better get my butt in gear and get ready. I'm off to try a new church with a good friend this morning. Wish me luck!


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I love the around the world idea. Sounds like a blast!!

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