Thursday, June 20, 2013

You're Kind of a Big Deal Around Here, Daddy!

I am going to do a few posts out of order because I have about seven drafts of posts I'm working on with all the things we've been up to this summer. However, if I go in order - it may be August before I post about Father's Day and that'd just be odd, right?

My husband is the best Daddy. I mean, really. The kids are so wonderfully blessed and lucky to have him in their lives and I am lucky to have him as my partner!

I really wanted to get pictures of Mr. Howard with the kids, but the photos of the kids altogether were NOT working. So I did separate ones in front of the fireplace (I cut out this adorable Father's Day Banner and put it up for the whole week before Father's Day!).

 My boys. Oh so adorable.
 My boys again. Aiden's happy. Someone else is not.
The reason I wanted to do separate photos. What crackups.
The very first thing we did on Sunday Morning was have coffee in our kitchen. I surprised Mr. Howard with his new coffee mug with photos of the kids. Then, afterwards we went and got hot donuts from Krispy Kreme. I've mentioned this before, but donuts are my husband's love language. Ha!
Aside from the new coffee mug, he also got a trailer for his bike for Aiden and Izzy to ride in. After donuts, we took the kids to a trail near the house and they rode in their trailer; Connor rode his bike; and I ran alongside all of them!
 Did I mention I've learned a few tricks? I always keep little snack packs in my purse (pretzels, fishy crackers, etc.) because it is the QUICKEST way to get kids excited about something new? Scared of a bike trailer? Here, have a pretzel! Scared of the buzzer in the hair cut place? Here, have a fishy cracker! Don't want to get in the car to go run errands with me? Have a wheat thin and you can have some more in the shopping cart!
After a long bike ride that ended with Connor refusing to ride his bike anymore...tired much?...we came home and had a family naptime. Mr. Howard had to do some studying (he had work interviews on Tuesday that he had to prepare for), but then he joined us too! When we woke up, we got the kids changed into their swimsuits and headed over to my parents' house.

This was the first swim of the season that Mr. Howard was able to do with us!
A sweet video of Daddy and the kids:
Aiden was a little braver this time!
 Connor was VERY brave!
 Connor and me:
 Isabella and Aiden:
 Brother's Attempt to get his siblings to take a good photo. "Hurry, guys, let's get this done so Mama will put away her camera and stop acting like a crazy person!"
 Daddy, Isabella, and Connor:
 Daddy and the twins:
 Our little family!
After a little while of playing in the pool with just my little family, Aunt Katie and Uncle Denny came over. Aunt Katie got in the pool with us!
After the pool we came inside, gave my dad cards, and enjoyed a delicious meal together!
Daddy's Cards from Connor:

 Please let me explain the shower comment below. Every morning before we wake the babies up, we get Connor out of his room and let him take a shower with us. I think he likes it because we tell him since he's a big boy, he gets to do something the babies can't do (the babies take baths at night). When he answered that question, I laughed and laughed. It looks quite funny when it's written out.


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