Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Birthday Party for the Twins

Three of our kids' birthdays are 8 days apart. Aiden's and Isabella's birthdays are on June 30th and Connor's is on July 7th. It isn't possible for us to do a birthday party every year for all three kids. So we've decided to alternate. We'll celebrate the twins' birthday with a big party one year and then the next year Connor will get a big party. I didn't have birthday parties growing up and I turned out just fine, so I'm sure my kids will not suffer. I know some people don't believe in doing parties at all and I'm okay with that too, but this is what works for our family. I enjoy planning parties, so it's as fun for me as it is for the kids.
It's Connor's year to have a big party, so for the twins' birthday we only invited our immediate family. We didn't have a theme, decorations, or invitations. The only special things I did were put up a Happy Birthday Banner, bought $2 party hats, and got a bouquet of balloons for them. Super low key.
I ordered cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes and they were SO good. They came with the hats and flowers decorated on there and I thought they ended up looking so adorable!
On Saturday, June 29th we all got together to celebrate their SECOND BIRTHDAY. WHOA!
These adorable 2nd Birthday Cupcake Shirts were handmade by Grandma.
 Here's a close-up of the Bundt cakes. We got lemon raspberry and chocolate chocolate chip. Oh goodness we also "taste tested" the red velvet and white chocolate raspberry when we were trying to figure out which ones to order. Everything was delicious, but the red velvet was spectacular!
The kids were SO excited before everyone got here. 
 Connor was definitely the most excited about the balloons. He ran around and carried them with him everywhere he went!
 The kids with the family: (top left - "Grandfather", top right - "Aunt Katie," bottom left - "Nana," and bottom right - "Grandma")
 We did a lunch because we thought it'd be better for the babies since their bedtime is so early at 7pm. We ordered ribs from a local BBQ place and then I made potato salad, pasta salad, and we had chips, beer, and soda.
 So adorable:
 I printed this free printable offline HERE.
 I don't think I've shown you a ton of photos of our house since we've had our furniture in it. Here's a photo of our formal living room, stairs, and a little bit of our kitchen.
 I didn't get any pictures of Isabella opening her presents, but here was Aiden opening his pirate bedding and sheets. My sister got him a pirate lamp and pirate curtains too and he's going to be so excited when we get it all set up!
I had to include this one below because I thought it was pretty cute. Aunt Katie and Uncle Denny eating ribs!
Overall, we had such a fun time. Simple; but fun. Just a perfect way to celebrate our sweet babies.


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