Friday, July 19, 2013

A Sunset Kayak Adventure on Lake Natoma

On Wednesday, July 10th hubby and I went on a Sunset Kayak adventure for our Sixth Wedding Anniversary. Here we were before we left (yes, I'm standing on my tippy-toes. I'm short without heels!):
When we arrived, we picked out our kayaks and vests. It was SO hot and bright. When we left it was in the 100's (my car thermometer registered 103) and poor hubby didn't have any sunglasses.
I snapped this photo of him below (bottom right) and almost immediately afterwards, he tipped his kayak over. Honestly, while he was a bit embarrassed, I was slightly jealous because I was H-O-T in that sun. The water was really cool and I bet it felt good. He had to swim back to the loading dock because he couldn't figure out how to get back in his kayak. Do you see those clouds?!? All these photos were taken on my iPhone (I have a lifeproof waterproof case!) and I think they turned out wonderfully - especially for a camera phone!
 Our tour had about 11 of us and Mr. Howard and I were the only couple. The other men and women were SO encouraging when they found out it was our anniversary. They'd kayak past us and say, "Oh I need to get a picture of you guys with this sunset" or "you must have a kissing picture on your anniversary" or "you guys need to be next to each other in our raft-up!" So sweet. They asked about our kids and what we had done on our past anniversaries. Younger couples and single people always talk about marriage like it's this miserable thing (even if they're joking), but older people seem to always be so encouraging. Obviously, they know what's important! I wouldn't have wanted to celebrate our anniversary any other way!
We kayaked down the lake and it was breathtaking. My iPhone died about 2 hours into our trip, so unfortunately I didn't get any photos after this beautiful sunset photo below. JUST GORGEOUS!
 The trip was supposed to be three hours, so we would have been back at around 9pm, but the guide was super flexible and open and asked if we wanted to stay out later. We didn't get back until about 10:30 and it was PITCH dark for about the last hour. Our guide had warned us that beavers may try to scare us away by slapping their tails on the water. Thank goodness he did, because a beaver made this ginormous splash in front of me and scared the woman in front of me half to death. I never in a million years would have thought I would be afraid of the dark, but kayaking in the middle of the lake in the dark gave me the heebie jeebies. I ran over a log and it scraped the entire length of the boat. When I told my darling husband, he said "I'm pretty sure that was a dead body." OMG. I may or may not have had a slight panic attack.

The kayaking adventure was SOOOO much fun and I'm so glad I did it, but man-oh-man was it hard. Holy moly. Who knew? My back was SOO sore when we got back. I'm not sure I'll be buying a kayak anytime soon.

Afterwards, we went to BJ's Brewery (the only restaurant locally that was still open at 11pm). We thought we'd be the only ones eating out at 11pm on a Wednesday night, but BJ's was packed!

A meal there is never complete until we have an oreo pizookie, or as we call it, heaven in a pan! We got the small size and devoured it in about 55 seconds.
Dinner out in peace! Happy Anniversary, my love! I love you times infinity to the infinite power!
While we were gone, Grandma watched the kids and we were so grateful! They ate pizza and watched The Guardians and spent lots of time together.
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Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh it looks like so much fun!!!:) Love the pictures, you guys are so adventurous!

Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

The pictures turned out amazing!!! Happy Anniversary again!

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