Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fourth of July

I had a brilliant plan to take Connor to a movie with my mom and mother-in-law on Fourth of July. Did I mention it was 109 degrees outside and everyone was looking for something cool to do on their day off from work? Yeah, stupid Mama. I showed up with about 9,000 of my closest friends and realized that we weren't going to be able to go. Poor Connor. It's hard for four-year-olds to understand the concept of "sold out." He had heard we were going, was wearing his special fourth of July shirt, and was READY to go see Monsters Inc. Oops. He was not too happy with our Plan B to take him to Chiles instead, but thankfully, that is what we did instead. We picked up Mr. Howard and the kids and off we went. 
 This photo was about 1 second before Aiden bit Connor. Yikes.
After lunch we did naps and then let the kids have fun with sparklers outside (under VERY close supervision). Want to hear my Mama fail, though? Just so you can feel good about your fourth of July? I let Aiden use a sparkler (you can see in the top right photo how close I was to him to ensure no loss of limbs) and Aiden started to get close to his sister. I was pretty sure that that scenario would end with a trip to the ER and I could already foresee the questions, "YOU let your two-year-old hold a sparkler? How COULD you?" So I did what any sane, rational thinking person would do - I pushed him. Yeah. Not so proud. But I saved him from poking Isabella's eye out with a sparkler. So, I guess we'll call that a Mama Win AND Mama Fail. Yep, that goes down in the baby books. July 4, 2013 the day I lost my mind and pushed my kid.
 Connor, however, needed no help. We gave him lots of instructions about how to be safe, but the nice part about four-year-olds...or maybe it's just MY that they have a little fear in them. They know that the piping hot sparkler at the end will hurt them and result in loss of limbs, even without being told.
 Isabella stuck true to her personality. She was careful, soft, and very safe with her sparkler. But she liked the bigger fireworks we put in the street and set off a lot better...just like her daddy.
 Grandma made these adorable shirts for all of us to wear and they turned out so cute!!
 I just adore the photo below of the kids and me. Oh my goodness. FINALLY a photo of all my babies and me where everyone looks happy. I am so blessed. SO BLESSED.
 At night, we put the kids to bed and Connor, Grandma, and Mr. Howard went to go watch fireworks. I can't wait for the day that we can all go, but two-years-old is just a hard age to stay up so late (if it was at home, I'd feel less worried...but we have to go somewhere to see them). It doesn't get dark here until 9:30 or so, which means that fireworks don't start until around 10pm. That's pretty late. Maybe next year they'll be ready.

Unfortunately, we had taken the babies' bottles away from them on June 30th and sleeping was REALLY hard for the first few days. On the fourth of July, I spent about two hours holding Aiden's hand trying desperately to get him to go down. I tried cuddling... and singing... and rocking... and hand-holding... and crying-it-out. I tried teddy bears...and babies...and music. I thought he'd never go down, but around 9:30 he finally was just so tired he couldn't handle it anymore.
 And while I was laying in a dark bedroom getting a hand-cramp from trying to squeeze my too-big arms through the slats of Aiden's crib, Connor was having the biggest thrill. He was SOOO excited. Can't you tell by the face?!? The picture on the top right of him in the carseat cracks me up. They were in the back of Daddy's truck and Connor wanted to sit in his seat. So Mr. Howard got it out of the car and got it all set up for him. So funny.
We had such a nice day with our family. I'm so thankful for the men and women who protect and fight for our freedom and I don't take it for granted that without them our lives would be very different.
Land of the free and home of the brave!


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So fun!!!
YAY for the group photo of you and the kiddos! <3

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