Sunday, July 21, 2013

From Pollywog to Tadpole

Friday, July 12 was Connor's last day of swimming lessons. The first half of the lesson was a normal lesson, but at the end they let them play and have fun! His instructor was WONDERFUL and Connor thrived so much in her class!
 Here they were getting popsicles and their report cards! So fun!
 He promoted to tadpole, but I chickened out and just could not muster up the courage to take all three by myself. I know. I'm a wuss. Lots of people have more kids than me and do a lot more, but I just had such trouble with the idea of making Isabella and Aiden sit around for 30 minutes. Next summer they'll all be able to take swim lessons at the same time and I know they'll have so much fun! We're going to take Connor a lot to the lake and Nana's pool the rest of this summer to let him practice!
I'm so glad he had fun! And I'm equally glad that Grandma could go with me every day to help!


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