Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Midweek Randoms

I am linking up with In This Wonderful Life for Midweek Randoms!

  • I have so many posts brewing in my head. We've been so busy this summer with the house and I can't wait to show you a bunch of stuff! We had the granite on our island installed last Tuesday and we love it! We did a chiseled edge and I just adore it!! Since this photo was taken below, we also got all our pieces back from the painter and got it all installed. The only thing we have left is to pick out hardware for the cabinets (we're hoping to do that tomorrow!).
  •  For Connor's fourth birthday we had planned on renting a bounce house. I was all ready to book it when Mr. Howard read the description and realized that we couldn't have it in our backyard (there are some rocks back there because our yard isn't landscaped yet!). Somehow that lead him to attempt to buy one. Honestly, I fought him on it at first. I thought he was super crazy. But the reality is that he's right. We've already used it every day for the last week and because our kids are so little still, I know we're going to get MORE than our money's worth out of it (especially on rainy days!). We had it in our living room (as you can see in the picture below), but once we cleaned out our garage, we moved it in there!
  • For the kids' birthdays, grandma made them these adorable towels!! They're the kind that has the hood on them (she said you take a half of a handtowel and attach it to a pool towel to make the hood!). Love, love, love!
  •  Mr. Howard's second cousin (one of my bridesmaids) is getting married in June of next year. So, as long as they're not having a small wedding, it looks like we'll get to go to Kansas next June to watch her become a Mrs.! If we go, we are not going to take the kids with us, so we'll have to plan some fun things to do sans kids. Is it wrong that I'm already excited about the 5 hour plan ride in silence? I used to hate long flights before kids. Now, I dream of them!
  • Harley has been doing really well lately. His Addison's disease is a little unpredictable and we still have to give him injections and a oral medicine, but he seems to be a little happier lately. Oh goodness, look at that underbite and those eyes. Our poor first baby; he's getting old.
  • I mentioned this in THIS post, but when we got married, we never got digital prints of our wedding photos. In honor of our sixth anniversary, we went ahead and purchased them and I am in love! Even though we had copies in an album, I feel like I'm seeing these photos for the first time! I posted the pictures HERE, but I'm going to do a Part 2 post with our ceremony and reception pictures. Here's a little sneak-peak of my absolute favorite picture ever. This was my husband seeing me walk down the aisle for the first time. Ummm. Hello! Obviously I'm the luckiest girl ever! I could not have dreamt of a more perfect reaction to seeing me in my wedding dress for the first time! When I got up the aisle he tried to kiss me. So funny. No need to wait until they pronounce us husband and wife!
  • Hubby got a pay grade promotion, which is necessary for him to be eligible for interviews for a position promotion. This has been a few week process and lots and lots and lots of studying and meeting with people to get ready for his interviews. He passed his part 1 prep a few weeks ago and then had three hours of interviews yesterday (with four different pairs of executives). He passed all four of his interviews, which meant he got his promotion! I am so excited for him!! He now gets a little break before he'll have to start studying for his next round of interviews! We celebrated with a movie, champagne, our jammies, and two chocolate bars. Yep. We know how to PARTAYYY.
  • We tried a new church last Saturday and it went really well. I didn't LOVE it as much as I loved the one we had tried a few weeks ago (only because the other one was a lot smaller and, I think, might have a bit more community feel), but we really need a church that we can go to on Saturday nights, since hubby works retail. We really, really liked the service (and hubby felt the same about it too - he felt uplifted with a powerful sermon about finding your purpose and talents!) and we loved the preschool program - so it should be a great fit for us! I am going to sign up for a bible study with a friend and I think that will make the church feel a little less big! This upcoming Saturday will be the first time we take the kids, so wish us luck!!! I am really hoping to make this our church home!


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