Saturday, August 3, 2013

Making the Most out of the Rest of Summer

It's almost our last week of summer before preschool and we've been trying to make the most of it that we can with our kids!

Last Wednesday we had a pool picnic and playdate with our friends Sophia and Diana! Here we were before they got there!

And here we were before our picnic! Diana picked up subway sandwiches for the adults and I packed the kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit cups, juice, and cheese sticks. We had so much fun!
I got to use my iPhone in the pool! I know I've mentioned this before and I haven't been paid to say this, but the Lifetouch cases are amazing!
Here's a little video of Diana and Connor swimming. I tried to get one of Sophia, but she was being shy.

In keeping with our "Summer Fun" theme, one morning we decided to take the kids to see the Krispy Kreme donuts being made!
 The kids had a lot of fun with the hats!
 And, of course, the donuts. Connor doesn't like the warm ones. Obviously, he isn't normal.
 Aiden is a little over 20 pounds. He is TINY for his age. But that boy. Holy Moly. He seriously ate four donuts. I don't even understand how he physically fit that many donuts in his belly.
 There really is NOTHING like a warm donut. Nothing. I have given up trying not to eat one. You just have to live. And then exercise.
Another day we took the kids to the Splash Park with my Mothers of Multiples group for fun and snow cones! Here's Grace and Izzy:
 And the snow cone machine:
The twins have been trying to assert their independence a little and one day Izzy wanted to get herself dressed. I should mention we were not, in fact, planning on riding any bikes. She was just hanging out in this outfit:
And lastly, for Connor's fourth birthday, he got this tent from Grandma. He is OBSESSED with it and sleeps in it every single night. What a little crack up. I'm sure some Mamas would care, but honestly, as long as he's sleeping at night, I could care less whether it's in a tent or his bed. He sleeps. And he's happy. So I'm happy.
I won't lie and say summer has been all roses and laughter, but it has been such a rich and powerful summer for me. I am so beyond blessed to get the opportunity to be a stay at home mama each summer. And, now in 10 days, I'll be ready to go back to work. 


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