Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Midweek Randoms

On Saturday, Mr. Howard flew down to San Diego to help drive my brother's car up to Northern California, because they had too many cars and not enough people. I was going to be home with the kids by myself Friday afternoon and all day/early night Saturday. My mom knew I needed a break BIG TIME and offered to take the kids with me to the Discovery Museum. My sister was able to come with us too. I am going to have to do a separate post on that because I have the most ridiculously adorable photos to share, but here's one of my mom and Izzy: 
 Afterwards, she treated my sister and I to manicures and pedicures, while she watched the kids. Ummm. Hello Heaven!!!! It was amazing! And my sister and I were able to catch up on a lot without the kids being adorable and taking our attention away from each other.
 Then, on Saturday evening, she took Connor over to her house for a sleepover and I was left with these cuties to spend time with! I had a blast with them, giving them my undivided attention. And, because they go to bed so much earlier than Connor, I also got a pretty early evening all to myself (until Colin, Rebecca, and Mr. Howard arrived at around 11:30pm).
That night, my brother and his girlfriend moved in with us! The kids are SO excited!!

 On Sunday I woke up early and headed to my first half marathon training. I have been staying active (running and walking) all summer, so I was surprised at how nervous I actually was come Sunday. I wasn't worried about walking the 13 miles; I just was nervous about adding running in there!
The training group I am using has three groups: (1) Runners (NOT ME!), (2) Run/Walkers, and (3) Walkers. I really considered doing the walker group, but figured I'd give the run/walk group a try and see...worst case scenario being that I'd have to move back down to the walker group. Well, the first day went really well. With the help of my awesome friend Leslie, I did a 5 mile/run walk. Our intervals were set to a 1.5 minute run and a 1 minute walk. And I was able to keep that up for 5 miles. I'm majorly impressed with myself because when Leslie first told me she had set our intervals to 1.5 to 1, I thought there'd be NO way I could keep up. I was thinking I could probably handle a 1.5 min run to 4 min walk ratio. Ha! (When I'm doing my own workouts I usually run until I'm tired...walk until I'm until I'm tired...etc. So I had never done a consistent interval run and I think interval running is a LOT harder than doing it the way I was doing it before. But obviously, the interval running is much better for building endurance. We averaged about a 14 minute mile. I don't think that's too bad for my first official training.
On Monday I headed back into work to start getting my classroom ready. The nice part about teaching middle school is that I don't have as much actual classroom type prep before school starts (pocket charts, bulletin boards, stations, directions, signs, labels, etc.), but I did still have some cleaning, organizing, lesson planning, and furniture arranging to do. This was my classroom when I arrived Monday morning, after a summer of being empty: 
 Yesterday was our first official day (paid) of work and we had a district rally. Our principal bought us "My team is made up of super heroes" shirts to wear. Mr. Howard took this photo of me before I left for work and clearly didn't understand the purpose of the photo, because he let me stand there with my hair covering half my shirt. Really?
The rally went really well and I left feeling super uplifted about inspiring students. It's hard to overcome the attitudes, the defiance, the family chaos, the hunger, the drug abuse, and all the normal middle school issues that my students face every day, but I just need to do my best to be the soft place to land for my students. I really try to focus on that day-in and day-out when I am feeling defeated. It isn't easy working at a Title 1 school where we seem to never be able to meet the proficiency goals set by No Child Left Behind and it can be discouraging and seem like an unrealistic, uphill battle. But I just need to continue to challenge my students and hold them to high expectations. I owe it to them. Our superintendent said something that stuck out to me: As teachers, we tend to set the limits for our students (not in a malicious way, but just in a "here is the end goal we want you to have" way). And we need to let THEM set the limits, so that they can go further than we thought they could.

Thursday will be the first day of my first group of fifth graders' SENIOR YEAR of high school. Wow! I already told the high school principal he needs to send me tickets because I wouldn't miss their graduation for the world! I can't even believe I have been at my school site now for 7 going on 8 years.


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Love your new shirt :) Praying you have a GREAT school year!!! :)

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Thanks so much, Miranda!

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