Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time Flies When You Have Babies...and Work. Ha!

Holy Cow. I can't even believe how quickly the last few weeks have gone. It is amazing how quickly my days go when I'm repeating myself 9,087 times...then come home and repeat myself another 4,854 times with my three kids and husband.
I have a lot of students this year (two periods are at 33 students and two are at 36...plus a period with 20 and a homeroom with 24) and it is amazing the difference in having four PACKED periods. Normally I have every single kid's name down pat by the first day, but this year it took me the first two days and there are still a few students whose names I reverse. That's not acceptable for me and I just feel awful about it. But we're all just chugging along. Before I know it, they'll be family and I won't be able to remember a time when I didn't remember their names.
In the meantime, my kids have been SO enjoying preschool again. Isabella barely looks at us when we drop her off, which makes my Mama heart so happy because I know how loved and cared for she is. Aiden's language has just exploded since we started back up and it's confirmation, once again, at how important preschool is for Aiden. And Connor is so happy to see his friends. He keeps talking about how excited he is to go to kindergarten and I think that's a testament to how fun they make learning for him! Mr. Howard and I have been loving hearing their conversations in the bath and dinner telling us all about their day, or mimicking things they've learned in school with each other.
 Colin and Rebecca are still living with us and the kids could NOT be more excited. They wake up every morning asking where they are and go to bed shouting from their cribs, "Nighhhhttttt Becca...looovvvvve you Colin!" Last night when they got home from school, Colin and Becca weren't here and the kids went running from room to room trying to find them, calling out to them as they searched, "Whhhere are you???" It's also been wonderful having other adults to talk with at night after we put the kids to bed, and just having four extra hands for taking care of the kids and house.
 A few nights ago, Colin helped hubby put the kids in the bath - while Rebecca helped me with dinner. Our kids have no idea how lucky they are to have four adults in their home who love them so much.
 Even the nightly teeth-brushing wrestling match is fun when Uncle Colin is taking pictures! Isabella even cracked a few smiles!
 Aiden, all wrapped up in his burrito towel, was thrilled to have his Uncle play with him in the bath.
This week is going to be a little calmer now that back-to-school night is over and I'm a little more settled with my students, schedule, and grading. I have so much to fill you in on, as we've been keeping busy with life outside of work and my goal is to get caught up on a few posts this week!


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