Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Pirate Party for a bunch of Pirates

Hubby and I took Connor to a birthday party a couple weeks ago (sans babies...what a treat!) and it had the cutest theme! I forgot my camera and only had my phone, so the quality of photos is not great. But it was the cutest Pirate Party. Arggggh. Jessica did such an awesome job.

Look at these adorable handmade cake pops:

 And jello "Ocean and Ship" cups:
 Even the napkins were adorable!
 The birthday boy and Mr. Howard getting ready to swing the stick for the piñata:
 And here's Connor hitting the piñata:
 Can I tell you something funny about this piñata experience? No one told the kids what to do when they hit it. So, when it broke and all the candy fell out, the kids just stood around. When they were told to run and go get candy, they all ran over, picked up one piece of candy, stopped, and started eating it. It was pretty funny! It was definitely a lot more polite.
We had such a great time. Thanks Jessica for hosting such a fun party!


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