Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkins Come And Pumpkins Go, But A Jack-O-Lantern Steals The Show

One of my least favorite Halloween things to do as an adult is carve pumpkins. It's just so messy and if you've met me for even 5 minutes, you'd know that I am not a messy person. But, one of the most awesome things about becoming a parent is that we get to reinvent the things that aren't terribly fun as an adult and see them through the eyes of our kids. And let me tell you...carving a pumpkin for a kid is a BIG deal. Even my kids who hate to be dirty....And hate to stick their hands inside the pumpkin. They may make Mr. Howard and I do most of the work and I may have to stick my hand in a pumpkin more often than I'd care to, but the prize of seeing my kids giggle and laugh is pretty awesome!

This year was pretty special too because the twins got to participate, really, for the first time. They were SO excited about THEIR pumpkin!
And, of course, having Aunt Becca and Uncle Colin there to help made it all the more exciting (plus they could help chorale our little monkeys.
Nova was their trusty sidekick!
Aiden was pretty much the only kid who didn't care about being messy and kept moving his pumpkin around. Once he realized he could roll it down the driveway, he figured it was MUCH more fun to do that than to sit patiently while Daddy and Mama helped him carve it. I get my workout with Aiden, daily. Whew!
Once they had their little faces cut out of them (and yes, we went SIMPLE! VERY SIMPLE!), they took such pride in putting them up on the windowsill. For a week they'd point to their pumpkins and, with HUGE smiles, say "Mama! Look! Pumpkin!"
Our little punkins:


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They are so cute!! What fun memories you are creating. :)

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Thanks so much, Crystal!!

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