Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Warm Apple Donut Adventures

When my brother and Rebecca moved in with us, we knew we needed to take them to Apple Hill. Unfortunately the day we had planned to go was a rainy day. Because of Mr. Howard's work schedule, we couldn't just reschedule, so we went with it and hoped the rain would hold off until we were finished. It mostly did, but it was very wet and cold all day.

Our first stop was to get warm apple donuts from Abel's Apple Acres. The donuts were delicious! We actually had never done apple donuts before this trip, so we were pleasantly surprised!
After getting our fill of warm donuts, we headed to High Hill, where we had coffee and watched the jumping fish. The kids were thrilled.
Kids Inc. was supposed to have all sorts of kid activities to do, but because of the rain, they canceled their cooking school, egg races, and the rest of their Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday celebrations. We walked around the nature trail, let the kids play around in the leaves, and took lots of pictures instead.
Aiden, Isabella, and Connor BEGGED to be thrown into the air by Daddy and played that game until Daddy's arms were thoroughly sore.
Isabella got a little grumpy in the leaves at a certain point and was adorably upset about getting her shoes dirty. We are in for it in about 11 years. Yikes!
Hubby and I couldn't help but snap a photo in the gorgeous woods:
Connor was our little man the whole day. He is such a sweet boy and big brother:
Uncle Colin was Isabella's favorite uncle when he agreed to help her walk on the trail (she didn't want to get her shoes dirty and was VERY upset about it!).
While we would have liked to have been there in the sunlight, when there were lots of fun Apple Hill activities to do, it was fun to see it with the rainy, fall weather too. It'll just give us an excuse to take Aunt Becca and Uncle Colin back.
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