Monday, November 25, 2013

An absolute dazzling magical night

I have literally never been this busy in my entire life. We haven't even been "doing" a whole lot outside the home, but just having three kids four and younger and a full time job is keeping us all busy. I do completely understand, as well, that busy is relative and that if I had five kids, I'd be even busier - but it's hard to imagine fitting it all in. The one thing I consistently do for ME is blog. It's my sanity and a lot of people see my life with three kids and a full-time job and say, "How on earth do you find the time to blog?!?" and for years, I've said that I just prioritize it. If you want to do something, somehow you find a way to do it. Right? That's why somehow, no matter how busy I get, I always find time to eat...laugh...check Facebook, have dance parties...etc. but somehow never ever find the time for laundry or vacuuming my car. Funny how that works.

I have always made time for this blog - usually after putting the kids to bed, I'd snuggle on the couch with my husband and blog away to my heart's content a couple nights a week. But with my brother and his fiancé living with us, we've been cramming in a whole lot more. We've been taking the kids out to eat more in the evenings after work, renting movies to watch all together after they go to bed, and having lots of date nights or late night after-the-kids-go-to-bed target runs! And I just haven't prioritized blogging. But with that, comes all this pent up energy and creativity that seems to burst at my seams. I just don't feel right without blogging. So, with that said, I have decided to take a few days and get back on track.

A month ago...Seriously, that's insane. A month ago we got the kids dressed up for Halloween and went trick-or-treating at my mom's house. I am sorta bummed that we didn't get to support our new neighborhood, but it's become such a fun tradition at my mom's that I didn't want to miss it. We were able to make it an entire Kirkpatrick family occasion. How fun it is that all my siblings and parents live in the same place.

This wasn't the first time the babies had gone trick-or-treating (last year they did the parade where they got to walk around and get candy), but this was their first time trick-or-treating on Halloween night.
I honestly wasn't sure how they would do. Isabella is VERY shy and doesn't like strangers at all - let alone having to be near strangers - and Aiden and Izzy normally go to bed right at the time that we'd be heading out to START trick-or-treating - so I was sorta hoping for the best, but preparing for a less than stellar experience.
But it was magical. Seriously magical. Absolutely all my hopes and dreams manifested themselves right on the golden sunset colored streets. This is what I dreamed being a parent would be like. The giggles. The skipping. The hand holding. The kisses. The big googly-eyed wonder.
My kids were thrilled. They happily ran up to every single house and sweetly called, "Trick or treat!" They held out their buckets and doubled the size of their eyes when sweet people giggled at their matching costumes and baby faces (almost everyone else we saw were teenagers!) and put full sized candy bars (yes, PLURAL: bars!) in their buckets. They were giddy with excitement.
They waited patiently for their turn, used their manners, and bounced up and down with uncontainable excitement as they skipped to the next house.
I was painfully aware, amongst hundreds of teenagers, that the number of years I have of doing this with my kids is numbered. I spend so much of my time praying for them to be out of diapers...and hoping they'll be able to walk soon...and then able to talk...and then able to ride a bike...and then able to dress themselves - that the years go by so quickly and I'm left thinking about how I wish I could slow down the time. I wanted to freeze the night and remember every single detail of it.
Oh how I wish I could have captured the magical sunset on this hill. This is what it looked like at the beginning of our journey!
My mom and Dad came with us to a few houses, but had to spend the evening passing out candy at their own house. My sister, brother, soon to be sister-in-law, husband, and kids and I all accompanied them from house to house.
I have about 300 photos from the night and I wish I could post every single one - because each one captures a unique and special moment from that evening, but the best memories are the ones I still have in my mind: Connor's RIDICULOUS smile, the laughter from the houses when they realized they were a matching Flintstone family, the woman who was passing out candy to the kids when her fog machine went off and Izzy started crying - who felt so bad that she ran into the house and came back with a "SPECIAL" surprise for the kids, Isabella Lynn trying to balance her "strawberry" stuffed lovey and candy bucket throughout the streets (each equally important to her), Aiden bouncing up and down like tigger with absolute unbridled excitement, Connor's, "But MAMA you missed a house!" panicked assessment when we'd pass a house without lights on, Aiden's belly giggles and "WHOA"s when he'd come back and show me what he got, tucking Connor into bed MUCH much later and having him pull me close and whisper, "Mama, thank you for taking me trick or treating!" and my siblings getting to experience Halloween through the eyes of a child. We are blessed.
I am blessed.
Beyond words.
Aunt Becca, Uncle Colin, and Aunt Katie:
Their loot:
And because the evening was SO unbelievably magical and full of a million and eight reasons that it was seriously one of the best nights of my entire life, God had to balance out the evening and make the experience a little more human and less divine by providing us this gem of a car ride (I didn't even tell them we ate all their Halloween candy. I swear! This is just what three VERY tired toddlers look like and the behind-the-scenes reality of what being a parent is like):

I know that some might see that video and think Yikes. I don't want to be a parent. But I'll tell you. It's worth it. I swear. I'll take car rides like that in order to experience the absolute unbridled joy that multiplies in my heart at seeing the world through the eyes of two and four-year-olds. It is indescribable.


Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I was wondering were you went:) Seriously this is a busy season for all parents! Love their outfits to cute and that video is LOL hilarious!

Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I completely understand falling behind. Between late nights spent making stuff for Hudson's birthday and having family stay with us, I'm still about four months behind and struggling to catch up. I love your Halloween memories. I felt the exact same way this year. I honestly thought my heart might explode. Those moments make all the challenging ones totally worth it. I'm glad you had a great Halloween and can't wait to read more posts. :)

Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I just disappeared underneath mounds and mounds of laundry...and to-do lists! =) I am just about to catch up your blog!!

Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

It's so hard once you get behind too because then it feels overwhelming. You must have an awesome way of keeping organized, because you always remember everything you need to blog. I sit down and can never remember!

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