Monday, November 4, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

We have an annual tradition of going to this adorable pumpkin patch pretty close to our house. We hadn't ever been able to take Aunt Becca and Uncle Colin so the kids were so excited to have them partake in our tradition.

The baby goats are always a HUGE hit. Huge.

 This was the first year we couldn't go inside with the goats and I was a little bummed. That's my favorite part.
 But the kids were THRILLED about feeding them out of the ice cream cone!
 Isabella struggles in public places; she wants to be held and carried everywhere. But she humored Uncle Colin and went into the wooden train!
 The boys were equally excited!
 These rocking horses are always a big hit! We have a picture of Connor, Daddy, and Mama on this horse when he was 1.
 Uncle Colin, Isabella, and "Fafa"
 Nana and Aiden:
 Fafa, Nana, Aunt Becca, Uncle Colin and the kids:
 The Howard Pumpkins:
Going down the slide is so much more fun with an uncle:
 Daddy pondering life's meaning:
 Isabella was being such a ham. The boys were go, go, go. We could hardly get them to be still long enough to snap a photo, but Izzy - she was posing for all sorts of photos:
 Geesh. Looking at all these photos makes it look like all we did were take pictures of Izzy. I swear the boys were there too...and so so loved!
 "Fafa" wanted to swing his legs like his grandkids:
Best buds: 
 My little family!
And because I think it's always fun to take a trip down memory are our last two trips as a family of five in 2011 and 2012:


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