Monday, December 23, 2013

Real or Fake?

Happy Monday and Day Before Christmas Eve! This time of year is always SUPER busy at work for my husband, so it's always a mad scramble to get our shopping and everything done. But we're so blessed because, as a teacher, I can spend a lot of time at home with the kids during their holidays from school. I'm bound and determined to get all caught up on this little space of mine during the holiday!

A few weeks ago, we went and got our Christmas tree. Do you all do a real tree or a fake one? We have a family tradition of going with my parents to a farm where you pick a real one out and they cut it down for you fresh. This year we decided to go to a new place called Davis Ranch and my brother and his fiance were able to come with my parents, Mr. Howard, the kids, and me! The fun part about Davis Ranch was that they actually handed you a saw when you came in and you get to cut it down yourself. Connor was so excited!

Last year we were selling our house and, I'm pretty sure, we just went and got a small simple tree from a store parking lot. So this is really the first time the twins were aware of the process of picking out and cutting down our Christmas tree.

My little handsome man!
Becca and Colin's tree:
My mom ad Isabella:
We were joking that this was the PERFECT tree for Miss Isabella Lynn.
I adore this picture of my babies below. How on earth are the twins two-and-a-half?
Here was our tree:
Becca and Colin:
Me and Hubby (we did attempt a photo with the kids...but, instead, strapped them into their carseats and got a picture in peace! Ha!)
I have no idea how I didn't get a single photo with my Dad in it. He was on-the-go to find the perfect tree for my parents and I forgot to go get one of their tree with them in it. Oops!


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