Friday, December 20, 2013

Snowflakes and a boy who refused to move in them!

I needed a little laugh and something to bring my spirits up and I thought this Snow recap would be the perfect post. We got the bills from our hospital stays (minus my hospital bill and ambulance ride visit) and let's just say I'm overwhelmed. Whew! I am so blessed that we are healthy 99% of the time. We are so blessed to have jobs that also provide us healthcare. I can only imagine the position we'd be in if any of those things were different.

A few weeks ago we had a snowstorm that was very local (we even got a few drops of snow near Sacramento, California) and so we decided to take the kids to the snow! We've taken them to see the snow before, but the twins have never been when it is actually snowing.

Isabella was NOT a fan. As in, wanted-to-be held every single second we were there!

The boys, however, LOVED it! Loved, loved, loved! But Aiden took some time warming up to the idea...
Aiden cracked me up. He just froze, arms frozen mid air, feet frozen, and wouldn't move. Hillarious. Watch the video below (it's only 20 seconds)
I can only imagine what he was thinking!!
Connor was SUCH a good big brother and wanted to "help the babies" the whole time we were there.
Connor was beyond thrilled! He kept cracking up when the snow would hit his face. He'd giggle and say, "Mama do you see the snow?!?"
Here's Aiden frozen in the same position!
Colin and Becca brought their baby, Nova, (a Siberian Husky) and she was tugging at the leash READY to go. She is definitely a snow dog!
Here's Isabella, my soon-to-be sister in law, and me:
Can you spot the husky in the back of my brother's truck? She was in Heaven!
It's amazing how when we put Nova in the snow, her instincts kicked in and she wanted to PULL something. My brother and his fiance got her a harness so that she could pull a sled and I want so desperately for them to try it. I think she would love it. I've never seen a dog more excited by snow.


Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh how fun! It has been so cold here also! I just read your tragedy post...bummer, you always keep a great perspective though:) Hoping you have a fun-filled blessed Christmas and those little ones of yours let you get some sleep!

Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thank you Tesha!! That cold front was super crazy (for California!)!! I'm so glad it's calmed down a bit. I know we will have such a beautiful Christmas!! I hope you do too!

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