Sunday, December 29, 2013

Twas the Night Before December the rest of our Elf on the Shelf Journey

We had a crazy beginning to our holiday season, while Mr. Howard was in Canada for the first 10 days of December. There were a lot of things I had to let go because we just didn't have time to do them. I tried desperately to keep the Elf of the Shelf tradition going, but, honestly, most days I was just surviving... and feeding the kids/getting them ready for school took precedence over some of the more fun things we usually do in December. So I got very few photos of all the things Buddy was up to. It was so strange, too, because Buddy seemed to be a whole lot less fun while Mr. Howard was away. He must have missed having Daddy home as much as we all did!

We started by watching the Elf Movie (from Grandma) and reading the Elf book (from Great Granna) the night beforehand!

Here's a little video snippet of their excitement during the Elf on the Shelf movie:
Connor took this picture of Aiden and Isabella.
And Connor snapped this one of Aiden. Cracks. Me. Up. Holy moly.
Nova (below) and Harley (two photos below) joined us for our Elf on the Shelf Video tradition.
The kids were SO excited.
I snapped these during the excitement of the video:
On his first night, Buddy surprised us by creating a swing from our eat-in kitchen light fixture:
Connor was VERY excited! The babies were a little less excited early on, but as the days went on, they got more and more into it!
The kids thought Buddy was very cute on top of our clock:
  One morning Buddy made a huge mess in our little library and then read an adorable book of Elf Stories.
What a little sneaky buddy:
Grandma made Buddy his very own embroidered shirt with his name on it! What a LUCKY elf!!!! We left it out for him and then he put it on and crawled into Connor's stocking!
 One morning, Buddy left all the stuff for the kids to make snowman with special SNOW PAINT (equal parts glue and shaving cream!):
On the eve of Buddy's very last day with us, we left him a very special hat to keep him warm at the North Pole. We knew he'd have a long and cold journey and we wanted to make sure he'd be nice and cozy. On Christmas Eve, when we came down to see him, he not only was wearing his hat, but he had also created a zipline that went from the eat-in kitchen area to our family room! 
Aiden, Connor, and Isabella are so thankful that Great Granna introduced us to our elf last year and can't imagine Decembers without him now!! 

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