Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Recap

Hubby and I have a Christmas Tradition that we started when we had kids. We wake up before the kids get up, to shower, dress, and have a little coffee date in our kitchen - just the two of us. I don't know how long it will last, once the kids wake up earlier and earlier, but it's nice to spend a tiny bit of time with my husband on a CRAZY, crazy day. Christmas Eve we woke around 6 and the kids were up around 7 (super late for them):

This year was the first year we really debated about where to do Santa gifts. We've always done them at my mom's house, but since Connor had woken up every day for weeks asking about Christmas, I was worried he might be confused. So, at the last minute, Santa came up with the perfect plan. He left a few tiny gifts in the kids' stockings with a note that told the kids the rest of their gifts were at Nana and Grandfather's. Connor came down first and then the babies followed afterwards. How much fun is it to see through their eyes! Connor said to me, "SANTA ATE THE COOKIES!!!!!" when he saw the plate. When I read the note from Santa, he was excited - but when I read the note at the bottom from Buddy he was ecstatic. So funny!
 After checking the things in their stockings, we gave them toast, and loaded everyone up in the car to head to my moms. There are A LOT of people we celebrate with at my parents' house and we LOVE it that way! A big, crazy mess. This year we had 14 of us celebrating all together. The twins got scooters from Santa and Connor got a real bike (he had a push bike) without training wheels!
After checking out their Santa gifts, we went outside and let the kids ride their new toys. I cannot speak more highly about starting your kids on a push bike or balance bike first. Connor literally sat on the real bike and immediately started riding on his own. It's amazing how quickly you can learn how to ride a bike when you already understand how to balance. This year we had my soon-to-be sister-in-law's nephew and her sister join us. It was so much fun for the kids to have another friend! Jake is below on the top right picture!
After we let them have some fun outside, we all came in to have bagels, lox, and cream cheese together. And then after breakfast, we sat down to open all the presents. Here's my adorable not-so-little family:
This was the best photo I could get of all the boys:
 And our baby girl:
 My sister was trying to get Isabella to throw up signs. Clearly, she's quite gangsta. No idea what's going on with my face. Or my upside down peace signs. Ha!

I have lots of pictures of the adults, but the kids were so much more fun to capture! They were SO excited!
After presents, we took the kids home and let them take a nap in their own beds. It wasn't in our original plan, but the kids were TIRED and I didn't think they'd be able to really sleep at my parents'. Hubby and I crawled into bed and napped too because we were both SOOO sick (I had the body chills, aches, and had completely lost my voice - thankfully Mr. Howard didn't have the body aches and chills, but he had congestion and was exhausted). We were a mess. A total mess.
 After naps we came back to the house and let the kids play!
My siblings and I wanted a photo together on Christmas Day. I think I've mentioned this before, but it is sorta a miracle that all my siblings and I ended up back together in the same town. My parents moved from Palm Springs to the Sacramento area when I was in college. My sister moved with them because she had just graduated high school. My brother, Mr. Howard, and I were already in college in Southern California (different schools - I was at UC Irvine and my brother was at UC Riverside), so we obviously didn't move with them. When I was looking at getting my master's degree, I applied to a lot of schools, but was accepted to UC Davis and Mr. Howard and I decided to move up close to my parents. My brother moved from Riverside to San Diego and started his life there. He ended up going to Law School in San Diego and we thought for sure, he'd live there forever. But, several months ago, he and his girlfriend decided to make the move up here. It is rare, I'm sure, for families to be reunited like this and I am SO WONDERFULLY happy about it. How lucky are my kids that they are going to have two aunts, two uncles, and two grandparents who all live in their town! I grew up with no extended family at all in my town, so it's definitely a big plus.
I, apparently, got no photos of the adult table at dinner, but here was the kid one!
We tried something new this year and had prime roast and Yorkshire pudding for Christmas Dinner instead. It was DELICIOUS!!! Yorkshire pudding is a favorite! 

What a wonderful, wonderful holiday spent with family. We are infinitely blessed. 


J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

LOVED reading about your Christmas and so sorry to hear you were sick. Dad battled the stuff for two weeks, and our holiday was super mellow. (I think he felt pretty miserable Christmas day) I had it on New Year's, so it was not the most exciting holiday season ever. For someone with body aches and chills, you looked great!

Hope you're all feeling better. :-)

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