Sunday, January 19, 2014

Exploring a Hidden Town that's been Underwater for 50 years!

Hubby is working today, the kids are eating cereal, and I'm getting ready to get our Chicken Enchilada Soup in the crockpot! I had a few minutes and I have a couple posts I've been needing to catch up on - so I thought I'd whip one out on our explorations of an underwater town!

In California we are having a drought. It is actually the driest year we have ever had since we started measuring rainfall (100 years ago!). It's absolutely insane! We have a lake near our house and it is so low that you are now able to drive out into the middle of it (see my car's GPS picture below):

In 1848, shortly after the discovery of gold, a town near us called Mormon Island was founded. It remained a historical landmark for 100 years, until 1955 when a dam project was planned to go right over the site. That year, the entire area was flooded with water. Mormon Island remained a registered "historical site," but was under water, so no one could visit or see it anymore. Because of our drought, we've had record lows in the Lake, and it's revealed the lost town that was buried under water in the 50's. How crazy is that?!? We decided to take advantage of the amazing historical opportunity, and took the kids exploring in our Land Rover! We had an epic dance party to Dark Horse on our way!
It is incredibly bazaar to see things that have been under water for 50 years!
Normally all of this is under water:

My handsome littlest man exploring:

Daddy, Connor, and Isabella:
My three handsome men and baby girl:

Here's a foundation that has been buried for 50 years:
Here's the picture I posted to instagram:
These photos were all taken right before the New Year. I have heard that every day more and more of the foundations and artifacts are being uncovered - because the lake continues to dry up. I am hoping for rain, but I am sure archaeologists are loving the temporary look at such an old, historic town!


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