Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Family Christmas Eve Tradition - Cookies for Santa

We have a family tradition, that we started when we had Connor, of baking and decorating cookies for Santa each Christmas Eve. It's always a little crazy because we usually host Christmas Eve for my entire family and Mr. Howard's parents, but it's so much fun! We did it with Connor when he was only a couple months old, and now, four Christmas's later, all three of our kids help us!

In years past, I make the sugar cookies myself, but this year my mother-in-law suggested getting the Betty Crocker premade mix (that you just add egg and flour to) and I was all on board with it - considering I was SOO sick and had the body chills and was having trouble standing to even cook the tamales. Yikes. It was a simple way to make the tradition more do-able this year and the dough tasted even better than the ones I usually make from scratch. Shhh don't tell Santa. Or, apparently, the creator of the recipe I use. Hmm. Reminder for next year: find a better sugar cookie recipe! Any ideas?

Connor got really into it this year and wanted to make every single shaped cookie cutter I had. This is the first year he's been as excited as he was!
The boys:
Isabella was so excited to use the cookie cutters. She was definitely much more precise than her brothers:
Isn't this one adorable below. She was SO proud of herself:
Once Connor discovered he could eat the dough, he was BEYOND excited!
I was most surprised by Aiden. I didn't think he'd have much of an interest, but he was meticulous about his cookies and only snuck a few bites of dough in! 
Afterwards, when the twins went to bed, Connor decorated his cookies with frosting and sprinkles for Santa!
"Mama, you take a picture of me with my cookies?"
I am so thankful for all the Family Traditions I've created and continued with my little family!


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