Tuesday, January 21, 2014


This weekend has been very low key. It's been a welcome respite from the crazy weeks we've been having and because it's a short week for Mr. Howard and I in terms of work, we really tried to take advantage of doing a whole lot of nothing! But it also seems that when we clear our schedules from a lot of commitments, the days tend to go by very slowly for me. So I tried to come up with a few new things for us to do as a family.
One of the days I got inventive when Mr. Howard came home from work and decided a sunset lake visit was in order! If we had thought a little more ahead, we could have brought dinner, but instead we just enjoyed spending time together!
Connor was LOVING skipping rocks (his new favorite thing) and just hanging out.
He brought his car out and did a little offroading in the dirt too!
Saturday night, Mr. Howard and I also had a nice date night. We put the kids to bed really early (bribed them with red velvet cookies), and enjoyed a nice dinner just the two of us. I made homemade Enchilada Soup with fresh bread and we drank coronas. Heaven. After dinner, we watched One Day, which neither of us had ever seen before, by the fire. 

On Monday Connor did not nap. He was REALLY struggling with his sleep and I didn't want the babies to be woken up by him. So I thought I'd be "inventive" and distract him with a video. I have eight million videos of the kids, but I really don't ever get in front of the video camera ever - so it's nice every once in a while to be able to look back and remember I was actually there! He was in a VERY silly mood. He is so bright and some of the things he says just CRACK me up! In the afternoon, after I took this video, he asked Mr. Howard if he could borrow the car to go to a friend's house. NO JOKE! I mean, seriously. Daddy asked him how he knows where his friend lives, and he named a street and gave us directions (no idea how he knows that street name!) but he even told us which direction to turn on the road and which side of the street the house is on. 
This upcoming weekend we are having our VERY FIRST WEEKEND AWAY from the kids since the twins have been born. To say I am excited is the understatement of the year!!!! We desperately need this. We had originally planned on going to Monterey for the weekend and had even found our hotel (one right on the water that we've stayed at before), but then we both decided it might be romantic to do something completely different/something a little "inventive". One of our goals this year is to try new things - spice it up- cross some things off our bucket list - live life fully! So we are going to Big Sur instead. We found a gorgeous campsite right on the ocean - where there's absolutely no cell reception and we'll have the whole weekend unplugged and together - snuggling for warmth on our air mattress, under blankets- sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, just the two of us! I know camping isn't everyone's "thing," but I'm really a rustic girl at heart and, honestly, we could use some adult honeymoon time with no one near us for miles. ;-) I'm giving Mr. Howard his Valentine's Day surprise (which I can't wait to share as a Gift Idea with all of you!) and am planning on bringing a few fun "Adult Only" Games to play (along with champagne and wine!)! We're still going to go out for dinners/lunches, because as much as I adore camping and hiking and spending time together, I do not want to stress about packing all our food in. I'm rustic...but not THAT rustic. Ha! We're doing our big romantic valentine's day dinner one of the nights too!


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I love following your dates on IG! You have inspired me to have more "dates" with my husband. :)

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