Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Beginnings and New Goals

Every year my husband I set Family Goals that we want to accomplish by the end of the year. I'm not a fan of resolutions, because they seem (TO ME) like something a lot of people just say and sometimes don't even have a definitive way to know if you've met your resolution (things like "get healthy" or "go to the gym more" just don't work for me...I want results-oriented/evidence based goals I can cross of a list). Goal Setting, for us, works. It's a blueprint of things we expect to accomplish. On New Years Eve, we discussed what our goals would be as we were heading to my parents' house for dinner and drinks. 
Here are the three men and little lady in my life, on New Years Eve. We took this photo as late as my littles could stay up. Oh my how New Years Eve has changed since becoming Mommy and Daddy. But I wouldn't have it any other way!
This isn't a great photo, because it's from my iPhone...but I wanted to get a picture of Jose (my brother's friend) who was with us! There were 7 adults and then our three kids celebrating! And Jose clearly is the baby whisperer, because Isabella (my SHY CHILD) went and sat on Jose's lap and let him carry her around on New Years Eve. Here he is feeding Aiden chocolate souffle (come to think of it...perhaps I know his baby whispering secrets: CHOCOLATE!). 
Again, not a great photo - but the pups wanted tri tip steak and my dad was a sucker! What lucky dogs!
My dad made a chocolate souffle that was out of this world! Have I ever mentioned that my dad cooks too? My mom cooks during the week and my dad cooks on Friday and Saturday nights! They're both great cooks! This souffle was amazing and it had this delicious chocolate sauce you poured in the middle!
We haven't yet formalized our goals for 2014 and I usually don't really write them on the blog because they're really only for Mr. Howard and me. But there is one I'm thrilled about :
  1. We are doing a husband/wife trip to Chicago in the end of June and we'll be ending our trip in Kansas City, Missouri so that we can attend Mr. Howard's cousin's wedding (and so that I can stand by the bride's side as a bridesmaid). If you have any ideas of what we should see in Chicago, tell me! We'll be there a few days (maybe 3?). This will be our first big trip away from the kids ever, but they'll be in great hands with my brother and his, by then, wife (they'll only have been married a couple weeks!).


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