Thursday, January 2, 2014

Polar Express, Tamales, and Family - Our Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve this year, Mr. Howard and I were both sick. He was on Day 3 of his cold and I was on Day 1. We were a big hot mess (minus the hot part). We also hadn't wrapped a SINGLE present. Not one. Nothing like waiting until the last minute...

The Polar Express came on the TV and I was upstairs getting ready. When I came down, I saw Grandma, Pop Pop, and the kids all sitting on the couch entranced. It was adorable how still the kids were!
Here's everyone watching (plus Buddy on his zip line):
A close up of Buddy:
Daddy, Isabella, and I gathered on the stairs, while the rest of them sat and watched from the couch:
Isabella said, "Mama, I give you kiss," but then totally got distracted by her own photo. Such a sweetheart.
I make about four dozen handmade pork tamales every year (a couple days before Christmas Eve) and everyone comes over to eat them with rice, salad, and birthday cake for Pop Pop. It's my favorite, favorite tradition!!! I think this is our fourth year doing it and our first time doing it in our new house!
From left to right: Grandfather, Isabella, Valerie, Nana (in back), Katie, Connor, and Colin
Aiden and Izzy getting ready to eat my tamales:
Connor and Jake playing:
Connor showing off his hamburger toy:
We moved our dining room table in the eat-in kitchen area so that we could all eat together!
It was the perfect way to spend an evening! We put the kids to bed after dinner and they were SO excited that Santa was coming in the morning. At the end of the night, I hurried into my room, took several Advil, and wrapped all the presents before my body aches became unbearable. I so wish Mr. Howard and I hadn't been sick, but I'm thankful that we don't get sick all that often. 


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Your house looks amazing! And the tamales were delicious.

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