Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 2 Half Marathon Training

To follow my second half marathon journey, click HERE.

I don't know what is going on with my sleeping, but I have not been able to go to bed until about midnight every night and then have been waking up at 5:20 when the kids get up. I'm exhausted. Like I-might-fall-asleep-on-my-prep-period tired, but just can't get my mind to rest at night. So, what does one do when they've been woken up 5 hours after going to sleep by a little girl wanting to climb in your bed? Why, blog, of course!

Here is what I was supposed to do for my training this week:
And here's what I really did:

Monday, I rested.

Tuesday, I met with my training group and we did a "speed" run. We ran for 18 minutes one direction and then had to get back to the same spot in 17 minutes (essentially increasing our time by 1 minute back - this is called a "negative split" in running). My partner and I increased our intervals to 2 minute run: 1 minute walk. We are trying to increase our time so that we can finish the half marathon under three hours. Afterwards we did stretching (IT band, psoas, calves, quads, and piriformis) and core exercises (planks, squats, pushups, bridges, straight and leg lifts).
Wednesday, I got my cross training in and did zumba. This was taken afterwards on my way to sushi! I thought the sunlight was so pretty in the car.
Thursday, I did cross training again with a coworker. We were supposed to do zumba, but there were only two of us - so we mixed it up and did a full body workout using the iPhone Daily Workout App.
Friday - I rested.
Saturday -  Mr. Howard and I did a 5 mile Night Hike up Pfeiffer Falls in Big Sur. I ran about .5 miles of it up the mountain (to try to get in a bit of a run).
Sunday - Hubby and I did about a 3 mile walk up and down the beaches of Carmel. What was funny about this was that we didn't run...but the resistance in the sand actually worked my glutes and I was a little sore afterwards. I RARELY get sore even after a much longer distance - so it was odd to me.


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