Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day DIY Gift for a Spouse with Free Printable

I am always looking for fun, no stress gifts for my husband. A LONG time ago, I bought some "love coupons." But it seemed they weren't very meaningful and I'd find that they got lost or weren't ever cashed in - because they weren't always things that completely worked for us or they ended up being things that my husband didn't really like!

I thought it'd be pretty simple to actually make some that were meaningful for us and our relationship  - things I knew that were COMPLETELY do-able and things that my husband would actually use! So, that's just what I did! And I thought some of you might find them helpful too!

DISCLAIMER: Now let me state for the record that if you get uncomfortable or blush easily (or you are my mother-in-law or dad), you may want to avoid this post. I won't be offended. But please be warned that a few of the coupons are tastefully sexy. They are meant to spice up and enhance a marriage and are in no way lewd.

And now what you're all interested in - what do the coupons say?
 Above: Good for One Dessert, Late Night Craving (I'll drive to the store one night if he wants something and it's too late!), You Control TV (with no complaints), and one fill in the blank one that you can make PG or R depending on what works for you.
 Above: Good for one Foot Rub, Movie of your Choice, Ice Cream Date, and Day Free of Chores.
 Above: Good for one Naughty Surprise, Night out with Friends, Sleep in, and Strip Poker Game
 Above: Good for one Beer and a Game, Night of Dress Up (your choice) - I would let him choose what I wear to bed, Wild Card (your choice), and Do Over (I won't be mad). That last one is for a time when he has a bad day or is being grumpy or snaps (goodness gracious am I guilty of that!) and he just wants a do-over...where he gets to pretend he didn't say the mean thing he just said and I agree to forgive it no questions asked. Period. And just give him a do over. I wish life came with do overs. Right? Don't you ever say something to your husband/wife and INSTANTLY think, "that was a stupid thing to say. I didn't mean that...I was angry." Well, now he gets that chance.
Above: Good for one Breakfast in Bed, Naughty Night, Back Massage, and Candle-lit Dinner.

I had originally only planned on making 12 coupons: one for each month of the year. But I wanted you to have options. If you want to skip the tastefully sexy ones - go ahead and throw those ones out. If a candle-lit dinner isn't your thing, don't use it! If a "Dress Up" one sounds ridiculous to you - don't use it! Make these work for you!

Because one of my goals in having a blog is to encourage you in your marriages, I wanted to offer these as a free download to you! HERE THEY ARE! They are meant to be printed on a normal sheet of paper at 8.5x11 and then cut out. I used cardstock because I could then whole punch them and bind them into a book really easily! I punched two holes through all 16 of them and then ran red wired ribbon up through both holes in the back and then tied it into a bow in the front! I took a video of what mine looked like when it was all assembled and put together:


J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a neat idea!

Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I would really love to print out the printable coupons for our spouse for Valentine day but my surface will not let me download the software for it. Is this any other way I can still print this out. Please let me know. Thank you so much. Love the idea so cute.

J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi Amanda,
If you send me an email at thehowardbunch@hotmail.com - I will send you the file so you can download them. :-) Happy Almost Valentine's Day!!

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