Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 3 Half Marathon Training

To follow along on my Second Half Marathon journey, click HERE.

This week, here is what I was supposed to do:

And here's what I really did:
Monday - I rested

Tuesday - I worked out with my half marathon training group. We did a 40 minute run (5 minute warm up, 5 minute cool down, and 30 minutes of interval running up and down stairs and a hill). The stairs kicked my bootie. Afterwards, we did stretching (IT band, psoas, calves, quads, and piriformis) and core exercises (planks, squats, pushups, bridges, straight and leg lifts). I did 3.3 miles and tried out a friend's GoMotion light that goes on his hydration belt. I think I liked it better than a head lamp.
Wednesday - I did zumba with my group after work. We did a 20 minute video and then another 17 minute high energy zumba video. I created a new rule: eat a reese's peanut butter cup after my run (my instagram followers told me about Justin's peanut butter cups that are organic and I went and bought some to try!)
I think I did something to my knee during Wednesday's zumba (or it could have been during our Tuesday stairs/hill run). It hurt when I went up and down the stairs at the house. 

Thursday I did zumba again with my group. There were only two of us so we did two zumba videos for 45 minutes! I followed my new rule and ate a Justin's peanut butter cup afterwards! I am certain I did something to my knee! I could barely squat or put direct weight on my knee. Going up the stairs at the house was super painful.

Friday I rested.

Saturday - I trained with my group. I was super nervous about hurting my knee further - so I was very conscious about the amount of weight I put on my right knee. We did an 80 minute run. 40 minutes one way and then we turned around and did 40 minutes back. We were able to get about 5 miles done (my app said 5.5 and my friend's said 5.1) and stuck with the 2 minute run: 1 minute walk intervals. My knee didn't hurt one bit during the 80 minute run! We even went to a birthday party later on in the day and I felt great afterwards!
 Sunday - I had high hopes of running during the super bowl party we're going to this afternoon because hubby is working this morning, but it's forecasted to rain. So I am pretty sure that I am going to have to call cleaning the house and wrangling three kids into their beds for naptime - "crosstraining!" 


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