Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 6 Half Marathon Training

To follow along on my Second Half Marathon journey, click HERE. This week, here is what I was supposed to do: 

Here's what I really did:
Monday - I was supposed to rest, but I went on a 3.54 mile hike with the family.
Tuesday - I did over 55 minutes. I ran from my house to the kids' preschool. It ended up being 4.37 miles. 
Wednesday - Hubby and I went on a little walk around the block (maybe a mile).
Thursday - I rested. We went on a tour at the jelly belly factory - which certainly wasn't "cross training," but it was a lot of walking. So at least I wasn't sitting around in the house.
Friday - Nada. I traveled early in the morning to go to L.A.
Saturday - I was in Los Angeles with my friend Jen. We were going to go on our long run this day, but we spent the day at the spa and moved our run to Sunday. So this was my rest day.
Sunday - We had plans to do 9 miles, but we only did 6. We were on a track at the high school and on a strict timeline, as we had reservations for brunch. Going around in circles isn't exactly our thing, but thankfully we had each other to talk to! 
Next week I have to do 11 miles! Ahhhhh!


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