Monday, March 10, 2014

Crazy, Crazy

I have had a pretty crazy week. Harley, our pup, got sick on Tuesday; we celebrated my dad's and sister-in-law's birthday on Friday; work has been CRAZY (as in..."HOW LONG UNTIL JUNE?!" crazy); my phone decided to erase all its data, photos, apps, etc. and then not have any backups to restore from; one week from today I will be running my second half marathon; and we had two parties at our house this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

I am really bummed about my phone - especially about losing my photos and videos. Apparently, my phone hadn't been updating to my iCloud either - which is a bummer...but there are worse problems to have, right?

Thankfully I had a few photos on Mr. Howard's phone and had uploaded a few to Instagram.

My dad turns 62 in a few days and Rebecca turned 27 last Wednesday, so we celebrated with a party Friday evening at my mom's. My mom made this delicious raspberry cheesecake.

I am eating clean this week because of my race, so while it looked amazing, I didn't try it.
The Happy Birthday Song:
Becca, Me, and Katie:
Becca's Presents:
And my dad and his oreo cookie ice cream. This photo actually cracks me up, because my dad does not eat this ice cream AT ALL. The thought of it is hilarious.
It was a fun night celebrating with family! I'll recap the rest of my weekend tonight or tomorrow!


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