Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sneaky Leprechauns!

In school the kids made leprechaun traps to take home! They were SO excited to get them all set up the night before St. Patrick's Day!! Connor made a little ladder for the leprechaun to walk up inside his.

Isabella took her time to make hers super attractive for the leprechaun!
Aiden cut little curtains out of his gold paper so that the leprechaun would go through the curtains and get trapped inside!
Then Connor decorated his with money and gold coins to lure the leprechaun:
We set the traps out the night before St. Patrick's Day (Aiden and Izzy's is on the left and Connor's is on the right) and the kids were SO excited to go check out the traps in the morning! Alas they didn't catch the leprechaun...BUT the leprechaun did leave them chocolate!!!
Grandma mailed them headbands and beads to wear to preschool and they were SO excited! Here are my little lucky Irish babes:
This was our first year setting up leprechaun traps at home and the kids had so much fun!


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