Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 9 Half Marathon Training

To follow along on my Second Half Marathon journey, click HERE. This week, here is what I was supposed to do: 
Here is what I really did:
Monday - I went on a 45 minute walk/run.
Tuesday - We went on a group fun run through a park near the Fleet Feet store. We ended the run with beer/wine, our packet pick-up, and a raffle.
Wednesday - I "cross trained" by wrangling three small kids at the park with Mr. Howard. Ha!

Thursday - I rested.

Friday - I had the day off and ran errands and was on my feet for several hours (probably about 6 hours). I didn't want to go for another 20 minute run, because I was worried it'd be overkill on my body - especially since I knew I was supposed to be off my feet as much as possible Saturday and that was going to be virtually impossible, while wrangling three small children by myself (hubby had to work). P.S. Can you see Aiden in the photo below? When I was running errands in the evening, he kept poking his head through the head rest, saying "Mama do you SEE ME?" and then erupting into a fit of giggles.
Saturday - I rested, sorta. This was the day that our little pup left us - so I spent the morning at the vet's, the early afternoon at my parents' house burying him, and then took a nap with Mr. Howard and cried myself to sleep. This was one of the hardest days I've had in a long long time. I barely got any sleep at all this night too.

Sunday - I did my half marathon!!!!! I'll do a separate post about that tomorrow.

Pre-Race Food:
I am always curious what people eat the week before a race. I did a ton of research to figure out how best to nourish my body before the big day. In case you're curious about what I did, here's what I ate:

I made myself baked skinless/boneless chicken breasts and rice to take to work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I seasoned the chicken with shake and bake seasoning. On Thursday, I did a subway sandwich. Friday I had sushi with a friend (it wasn't really in preparation for the race - but we had the day off and wanted to take advantage of the time we could have together - so sushi it was!). For dinners, I made chicken breasts every night except for the night before the race. I made a big batch of chicken, bell peppers, onions, water chestnuts, and brown rice and ate that  several nights (to get some veggies in!). The night before the race, I did white fish cooked in lemon pepper and a little terryaki, and a baked potato.
I normally drink 64-80 ounces of water on days I run (if I'm running in the evening) or the day before (if I'm running in the morning). On Saturday, I tried to get more water in (close to 90 ounces) because I knew Sunday was going to be hotter than any of the days I had trained. I don't like electrolyte drinks and they make my stomach upset, so I take electrolyte replacement supplements on race day to replace the salt that is leaving my body. I'm not an expert, but my understanding is that if you aren't replacing the sodium in some capacity, you can get very sick/get side stitches/muscle cramps and even die (it's obviously very rare to die from it, but a healthy 28 year old woman died a few years ago during the Boston Marathon because she drank too much water and didn't replace her sodium). Most races have both water and an electrolyte drink (at my race Sunday they had nuun) at the water stations.


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