Saturday, March 1, 2014

While Mommy's Away, the Rest of them Play

If you missed the first day of my trip to Manhattan Beach and Terranea in Rancho Palos Verdes, check it out HERE. On the last day of my trip, Jen got us reservations to Manhattan Beach Post for brunch. If you are in the area, you MUST go eat there. Oh goodness gracious - their cheddar bacon biscuits are out of this world! We had eggs benedict, a citrus salad, fried chicken, and cheddar bacon biscuits. Everything is served family-style, so you get to share it all and holy moly goodness! 
My beautiful best friend:
And me:
After brunch, we went out and got manicures and pedicures. I haven't had one in months...and months...and months.
And I ended the day in the airport reading my second book of the trip. I am finally getting around to reading Hunger Games. I am already about half way done with the first one.
In airports I always seem to meet the most interesting people. Somehow I ALWAYS sit next to people who LOVE to talk. This time I sat next to two guys who were probably my age. The one closest to the window wanted nothing to do with talking. He had a baseball cap on, pulled down over his face, and he was sleeping when I sat down. I thought it'd be the perfect person to sit next to so that I could read. Well, lo and behold the guy who sat next to me in the aisle was Chatty McChatterson. He was asking me all sorts of questions, but his opening line cracked me up. He said, "If you could do one thing before you died - what would it be?" Well, he wins the award for most creative "pickup line" (according to my husband) or "conversation starter" according to me. 

While I was away, hubby was taking the kids on adventures! Both days they went to the lake with different friends/family! They also went out to breakfast with my family and lunch with others!
 Daddy just registered this *little* boy in kindergarten last Monday. WHAT?!?! How did that happen?
 Daddy the rock climber. ;-)
 Typical unadventurous Isabella. Some day when she's our wild child (hopefully not!), we'll look back and giggle at her lack of risk taking. She prefers to be in someone's arms at all times. I tell you, God had a sense of humor when I prayed for a cuddler and He gave me my precious Isabella.
They even went off-roading (don't worry - no four-year-olds were harmed in the making of this off-roading adventure - the car was NOT moving in this photo!) in my car. It was LOADS of fun driving my car to work COVERED in dirt on Monday. Or maybe it wasn't. ;-)
I am so blessed to have the friendships I have! I am equally blessed to have a husband who is so encouraging in developing those friendships! My husband is so blessed to have the relationship with my family, where they treat him like another Kirkpatrick! And he is also so blessed to have the relationship with his friends that they can go spend a day together with the kids and keep the kids busy! How lucky are we?!?


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