Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Closet Makeover

When we were building our house, I was SO excited about all these closets! I had all these grand plans for what I'd do with them all and how amazingly organized they'd be! And then...reality hit. We moved in and I had three small children. And a full-time job. And curtains to buy. And blinds to install. And, and, and. Fast forward a year and my closets are not pinterest worthy at all. 

I mentioned before in an earlier post that I left a lot of our holiday stuff in the garage, with the idea that I'd unpack it when I was finished with the big stuff. Well, we've now lived in our house for a year. Whoa! And time has slipped away from me (perhaps it has something to do with the three small children who inhabit my home and every thoughts! Ha!). In addition to the holiday stuff I never got around to, I also have a several closets that I have never gotten around to! I should be embarrassed to show you the before photos, but I'm not. This is reality. This is our wrapping paper/holiday/toilet paper/paper towels/game closet. And as you can see, I was VERY organized before. I am pretty sure this is exactly how it looked when I put that stuff there a year ago when we were moving in:
 I have seen all these pinterest posts and container store products that allow you to put your wrapping paper on the door of your closet and I really wanted to do that! I thought it'd be easy to find the system that container store sells (I linked to it in case you have a container store near you or you want to ship one to you), at another store, because we don't have a Container Store anywhere near us. But, I was shocked to find that no one sells anything like it! I'm sort of impatient when it comes to DIY projects. Once I get it in my mind that I want to do it, I have no time to order something and wait for it to ship! So, instead, hubby and I created our own.
 This is what we came up with:
 The top piece is a shoe rack from Home Depot (I think it's closetmaid) and the bottom is a closet basket. It ended up being a lot less than the product The Container Store sells, but it also doesn't have as many components. I think we're going to add another basket at the top so that I can put my ribbon above the wrapping paper.

Now that our wrapping paper was all sorted and out of the way, I made some headway on organizing the rest of the stuff. I organized everything by shelf so that I could figure out what kind of baskets I needed to buy. The top shelf are our Trick-or-treat baskets and Easter baskets. The shelf below that are our games. Below that are our refills on paper towels, toilet paper, air fresheners, and light bulbs. The bottom drawer are all our gift bags, tags, and boxes. And on the floor are all the holiday flags I own (I need to get a flag holder for the front of our house), and some Easter stuff.
 Once I had everything organized, I went to Michaels to get baskets. The baskets were 50% off, which made them cheaper than my go-to store, Target. I ended up getting five baskets, but I actually want to go back and get about five more. Right now I've got Christmas gift bags in one; all other gift bags in another; gift tags and tissue paper in another; light bulbs in one; and air fresheners in another.
 Here is a before/after of the closet! (I'm calling it an after even though I plan on doing more to do it)
 And a before/after of the closet door:

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