Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Midweek Randoms

We have had some rainy weather here lately! In California we NEED the rain, but I'm not sure which I love more (insert snark here!) - being trapped in the house with three little ones because of the rain...or being trapped inside with 34 wild seventh graders because of the rain! After a morning of a lot of pent up energy on Saturday, I decided to get the kids dressed in their rain clothes, and out we went. I let them play in puddles and get completely drenched (their shoes are STILL wet!) and we just had a grand old time puddle jumping. Our neighbors came out to run errands, and ran the kids to the car one-by-one as quickly as they could. They looked over and, I'm sure, thought we were INSANE for being out there. But the kids had a good time. 
What is a rainy day without a rainy day selfie?
I spy a little girl in purple. Do you see her? Isabella, at a certain point, was OVER the water and went and stood under the cover of our front porch. Cracked me up.
The boys did not tire of standing on the sidewalk and jumping into the puddles.
Isabella has decided she wants to stick her tongue out in every photo. Lovely. At least  my handsome boys haven't picked up on that, yet.
After naps, the heavy rain stopped a bit and we decided to go for another walk. Aiden went in his jammies because he said, "Mama I cozy. I stay in jammies." Alrighty then. I can't blame him. We did a nature exploration walk and did things like measured the grass with our bodies and searched for worms. We also practiced our awesome "marching" skills and tried to see how far we could leap in the air. I kept them busy for about 45 minutes with things to explore, or activities to "practice."
I mentioned before that I am trying to replace my processed grains with whole foods, but was trying to find a good substitute for rice. I tried cauliflower rice in a chicken bowl and didn't love it; so I thought I'd give "fried rice" a try with cauliflower on Saturday night. I definitely liked it a whole lot better than the regular rice, but it wasn't some life changing recipe that I'll be using to substitute all rice, unfortunately. It was just so-so. The texture bugs me a bit. It's either super grainy (in the fried rice, I found it grainy), or mushy (when you add cheese to it - it almost takes on an oatmeal like texture - to me, anyway). So, alas, cauliflower rice isn't for me. I am, however, going to try using the cauliflower as a crust for pizza...ooh and I found a tator tot recipe using cauliflower I'm going to try.
Tonight I'm making an easy Portobello Mushroom Parm, from my friend Brooke! I'm excited, because my hubby and I love mushrooms and I never think to make them! 

Isabella may be a future little teacher. On Sunday morning when we woke up, she read "The Foot Book" by Dr. Seuss to the boys. She kept telling Aiden and Connor, "Look at me!" and "Pay attention!" because they weren't giving her their undivided attention during story time. Cracked me up! Welcome to the club, sister; I feel you on their lack of attention.
Later that day, I texted my brother to see if he wanted to go to lunch with us (because we were SO over the rain!) and he suggested that he and his fiance come get the kids for a couple hours and then I could meet them all for lunch. I was doing laundry, so I thought it'd be the perfect amount of time to get a load or two of laundry done without the kids! The boys were thrilled with a trip with their aunt and uncle to get donuts and hang out, but my little Mama's Girl wanted nothing to do with it. Instead, she stayed home with me and "helped" with laundry!
On Sunday evening after the kids had gone to bed, I prepped for my final professional development day. I've mentioned before, but I presented three professional development days for all the 7th grade English teachers in my district and Monday was my last one! While I love teaching teachers and definitely want to do it more, I won't be sad to be done with the content I had to teach!
On Monday it was supposed to rain all day. I didn't care if it rained, but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't raining too hard when I got there or when I left - because I was carrying a whole bunch of stuff, including a laptop, prizes for my peeps, candy, and all sorts of materials into my training. By the time I left, we had lucked out because the rain had held out all day! Literally not one drop. The photo below on the left was taken when I got in my car and it started a literal DOWNPOUR minutes after I shut my car door. The photo below right was taken after transporting three little ones - child by child to the car in the downpour - from preschool. It actually doesn't even look as bad in the photos as it actually was. When I came home, my hair was so wet, it had soaked my clothes. #longhairproblems
Today was a LOOOONGGG day. I know California needs the rain, but I am over it. I swear it's like the students actually have some physical reaction to the rain - and, honestly, I don't even think it's just pent up energy. I think there is some sort of brain reaction that occurs during rain. They instantly cannot be held responsible for what they do and say. Well, they ARE held responsible - but they think they shouldn't be. I'm okay with it raining all night and even all late afternoon. BUT RAIN RAIN GO AWAY during the day.


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