Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Midweek Randoms

I am working on a Bridal Shower Recap post; but for now, here's a little teaser below. It was such fun to plan an adult party for a change.
We've had a busy week, but in the midst of the busy-ness, we've found time to just spend time together as a family. I snapped this photo of Mr. Howard and Connor watching movies. Connor is a complete cuddler at night. That's about the only time; but we'll take what we can get!
I joked on instagram that I must be completely crazy because I took the kids to target by myself more than once last week. It's definitely getting SOOO much easier to do this on my own...not because I'm some super hero or because my parenting skills have improved dramatically, but because the kids are getting older and more well behaved...that and I've learned the art of bribery before going in - "Okay guys. We're heading into target to get a few things and Mama needs you to be good. And if you're really good, we might be able to have a piece of Easter Candy early. But only if Mama can get her shopping done without any fights." Of course, I balance the I-said-I'd-never-ever-do-that guilt with the idea that they're still getting the same amount of chocolate; we're just spreading it out over the course of several days. So, I'm delusional and happy because I can smile at the other mamas whose children are freaking out in the carts and offer my I-totally-get-it face while my perfectly behaved children sit quietly and wait for their early Easter chocolate. Win. Win.  
 I also have mastered a way to get in a quasi workout with three small children: just agree to let the kids take bikes/scooters on a two mile walk. Inevitably one child...or two...or three will want you to carry their scooter or bike and you'll get in a workout trying to corral children while balancing multiple scooters/bikes in your hand. This particular walk I only carried two scooters for one mile. I call that progress. What will I do for a workout when they can make it on the entire walk?
 I love turkey burgers. Love, love, love. But I don't love that I need buns to hold my patty. So, this weekend I tried eating them wrapped in lettuce instead. It was a success! I put a little avocado in there too! Surprisingly, I didn't miss the bun at all.
 On Easter Sunday, after everyone had gone home, and my little family had had naps (including Mr. Howard and me), we went on a three mile walk to the park. We found a new path to a park that we've never taken the kids to and it goes across a really pretty creek. We had a lot of fun!
I am getting on an airplane to go be with my best friend in an hour and, while I am devastated at the reason for the visit, I am happy to see my friend!


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