Monday, April 14, 2014

So Egg-Cited

Saturday morning I woke up at 6am and realized that the kids were going to an Easter Egg hunt later that day and I had no idea where their Easter baskets were. When we moved in last year, I left holiday-typed stuff in the garage with the thought that I would get around to unpacking it after a few months. Ha! Yeah right. I spent an hour at the crack of dawn searching through boxes for the baskets in the garage and gave up. So, instead, I got the kids ready and off we went to pick out baskets at Target. Thankfully they had three choices of similar baskets and miraculously each child was happy with what they got (although, Connor and I had NO idea what the blue one was, until we read the tag. Do you know what it is?!?).
The lady, when I was checking out, complimented me on being up and out with the kids so early by myself (I think it was 8:15am by the time we went through the checkout lane). I had to giggle. 8:15 is late for us. The kids are normally awake at 5:45am and at school by 7:30. But I will take the compliment! =) I am a morning person and always have been!

After Target, we went to Krispy Kreme donuts for hot original glazed. I told myself I wouldn't have a single one. Not one. And I refrained. Initially. But once my coffee was ready, I had one. And then another one. Grrr. Note to self: lock myself in the bedroom until the donuts are gone. 
 The kids requested this photo. "Mommy take a photo of us all of with our Easter Baskets!"
Later, I took the kids to an Easter Egg hunt with my Mothers of Multiples group. The kids had a lot of fun!! Isabella was a little shy at first, but once she got an egg, she was thrilled. Aiden and Connor had no warm-up period; they were instantly excited.
 This was the best group photo we could muster. Mr. Howard couldn't make it because he had to work, but he was missed!
 Isabella gets so shy whenever we go to events like this and tries to shut her eyes to keep everyone out. Then she'll peak out and see if you're watching her. So funny.
 Seriously! They're so cute! I love Aiden's little shirt unbuttoned. Ha! Isabella's dress is from my Mother-in-law from Matilda Jane. Every time she wears it, we get stopped and asked where it's from. It's such a cute dress!
 And, of course, checking out their loot:
 My brother and his fiance came with me to help! I'm so thankful they're close by now. The twins were in one hunt and Connor was in another one for older kids and I'm thankful for the help - because I can't be in three places at once.
 Aunt Becca, Izzy, and Aiden:
 Uncle Colin and Aunt Becca with the kids:
 "Show Mama your Easter Baskets so I can get a photo!!"
 The older kids' eggs (Connor's age) were filed with chocolate and candy. Aiden and Isabella's were filled with crackers and bubbles. I had to "hide" a lot of the chocolate (A.K.A. "Mommy's not sure where it went...maybe you ate it all, Connor") when I got home.
 Uncle Colin with the twins!
Overall, it was SUCH a fun Saturday!


J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I have to tell you that you have just been glowing the last several posts. I don't know if its the running or the fact that you've been trying to eat cleaner, but your skin just looks amazing, whatever you're doing, I want to do it!

J Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh my goodness! What a compliment! Thank you! I have been eating very clean food, so maybe that's doing it!! =)

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