Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I am one Blessed Mommy

On Mother's Day, I had visions of sleeping in until 10, taking long, warm baths, and drinking champagne leisurely by the pool. Alas, Mr. Howard had to work again. So, instead I spent the day doing exactly what Mother's Day celebrates: being a Mommy. I chased small children around, took swords (also known as "back scratchers") away from superheros, solved fights, wiped tears, made lunches, did 3 loads of laundry, giggled, and solved some more fights. I wasn't sure if I was going to get a picture with my cuties, so I took my own!
 After morning pictures (yes, Connor is wearing a Christmas shirt and warm cap on a 80 degree day), I drove the kids to Krispy Kreme. Donuts are my husband's love language - not mine (my love language - if you're curious - is sushi, champagne, and bagels! Not served all together, of course) but the kids asked if they could "take me" to donuts for Mother's Day. So that's where we went. And yes, I went in my jammies. Does it count that my kids were dressed?
Well, my morning selfies were unnecessary because my darling husband captured the perfect photo of me and my cuties. Seriously frame worthy! 
 I also got a picture with my Mama, which I'm pretty sure is historic. I only have a handful of photos of just me and my mom:
 We decided to use the opportunity of a family gathering as the perfect time to take a new family photo. My sister and her boyfriend took a family photo of my big family (parents, siblings, etc.) and little family too! I can't wait to see how they turned out. I thought it was funny that my mom and brother matched my little family.

After family photos, my sister-in-law made us delicious fried chicken! Oh my goodness! Mmmm. And then we opened presents!
 I got the most adorable presents from my amazing preschool! Connor made me a recipe book, complete with illustrations and the most hilarious directions you've ever read (like" put the dinosaur chicken nuggets in the microwave for 45 days!").
 My mom was showered by really cute gifts from Colin and Becca and Katie
 Becca did a really cute theme of presents that had "For when you're..." labels. So she got a "for when you're feeling pissed at Steve" gift and a "When you're feeling lucky" and other super cute ones!
 Aiden and Isabella gave me canvases that they painted that say "Best Mom Ever" when you put them side-by-side. Aiden's said, "Best Ev" and Izzy's said "Mom Er." Aiden has told me, at least 5 separate times, that he painted it! So precious. I just adore it!
 Colin and Becca made me this amazing canvas (that matched my shirt, by the way,) that used Connor's handprint and the twins footprints to spell out LOVE! So cute.
It's already found a home on our wall in the kitchen.
Laughing at the recipe book:
 We had such a great Mother's Day
 And, while my life is chaotic and crazy with three small children, I am so blessed. I cannot imagine my life with any less craziness. I didn't get a picture of my dad! How on earth did that happen? In all fairness, I was not in charge of the camera; my brother was. So let's all fully blame him.


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