Saturday, June 28, 2014

FINALLY, they said, "I Do"

My little brother and his beautiful bride were married on May 31, 2014 in front of all their friends and family!

But before that, we spent the day getting our hair and makeup done at a salon. We then headed over to the country club to get dressed and finish getting ready. (The photos below were all taken on my iPhone - hence the bad quality)!
I had my hair done and it was beautiful. But the curls lasted all of about 40 minutes. Boo! I eventually had to just brush them out before I walked down the aisle.
Here were my sister and me before getting changed (can you see that the curls were already out at this point?):
And my mom and me:
And then we got all changed into our dresses:
My little sister and me:
And the bride and me:
And now for the official wedding photos. My brother hired my sister (Katie Taylor Photography) and her boyfriend (Aw Captures Photography), who both have their own individual photography companies, to do their first official wedding together. They have since created and combined their services into a new business, called AWE CAPTURES PHOTOGRAPHY and have shot another wedding already! They are already scheduling photoshoots, so contact them if you have an event coming up. If you live in the greater Sacramento area, you must have them shoot your next event. They are amazing!! Here is the link to their facebook, if you want to know when they're having specials or deals.

The bride, her mother-in-law, and her aunt getting ready:
 My husband and I were both in the wedding and were matched together going down the aisle and back up. After the wedding, we were able to walk Isabella back down the aisle. The boys were supposed to walk with us, but they only lasted about 5 minutes of the ceremony. Our wonderful friend grabbed our boys and played hide and seek inside during the rest of the ceremony with them - which was AMAZING!!!
All the kids walking down the aisle (photo below taken from iPhone). Aiden and Jake carried the "Here Comes the Bride" sign. Connor escorted Isabella down and she was supposed to drop flower petals down the aisle. Instead, however, she waited until she got the front and then dropped all the petals on the ground in front of the guests. Ha!

The bride and groom:
 I love this one!
 And this one:
 Wasn't the bride's dress breathtaking?
 And her bouquet was equally spectacular:
 They got married at a local country club and these photos are just beautiful. They look like they're in some sort of park.
Our kids with the bride and groom. I'm pretty sure this is one of my favorites! I want to have it framed!
 They told us to act silly and I equate silly with my hand in the air. Obviously. Ha! Apparently half the girls didn't get the silly memo and instead were laughing at the boys.
 All the groomsmen. My brother has known many of these people since grade school! Of course, he's known my dad his whole life.
 Silly groomsmen. Flowers and hands on the hip! Don't you know that putting your hand on your hip makes you look slimmer?!? Duh.
The whole wedding party. Isn't that chandelier amazing?
 All the bridesmaids:
My family. From left to right: My mom, sister, dad, sister-in-law, brother, me, husband, and kids! We are, however, missing my sister's boyfriend in this photo (but someone had to take the photo!). 
My mom and brother dancing:
My cousin and me at the reception (photo taken from iPhone):
 Their first dance (photo from iPhone)
 Their beautiful decorations (photo from iPhone)
And my mom and dad:
I am so honored to have my new sister-in-law as an official member of our family! 

We are blessed with an amazing Daddy (and husband)

Since we were going to be on our AMAZING vacation sans kids over Father's Day, we celebrated on the Friday before we left! The kids gave them their gifts that they had made (the twins made Daddy bookmarks with their photos on them...RIDICULOUSLY cute! Connor decorated and painted a special hammer for Daddy to use when he's working around the house - so sweet). Daddy loved his gifts!!

Here he was opening his gifts (do you see the hammer?):

 And here he was opening Aiden's bookmark. (Not sure what is going on with Miss Isabella's hair!):
 That night Colin and Rebecca came over for tacos and beer (Daddy's favorite!), so that they could spend the night at the house - since we had to leave at 4am the next morning.

We'll be celebrating Father's Day with my own Dad and the rest of the Kirkpatricks this upcoming weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Colin and Rebecca's Rehearsal Dinner

On May 30th, my brother and his fiance had their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at the country club where they got married!

My beautiful sissy and her handsome beau:

I could have sworn I got photos of the soon-to-be bride and groom at the rehearsal, but apparently I didn't. It must have been all that child wrangling Mr. Howard and I were doing.  It was crazy busy because we were BOTH in the wedding, which meant we didn't have anyone to watch the kids. I kept counting kids to make sure I had all three. I'd quickly count, "1...2...3..." and then go back to rehearsing. It wasn't until a man from the golf course called out, "Is there anyone here for an Aiden?" that I realized I was counting Rebecca's nephew as one of my kids. PARENTING FAIL!!!! He had slipped out to the golf course (which was only about 50 feet away) and was attempting an escape. Goodness gracious; that child makes me humble.

After dinner, everyone (minus Mr. Howard and the kids - who went home to go to bed!) came back to my parents' house for drinks and dessert. My mom and dad had gone to the Cheesecake Factory earlier to get 30 individual cheesecake slices to serve for dessert. They were delicious, or so I was told (I refrained and had fruit instead!).

A Bachelor/Bachelorette Party to Remember

When I got married, most of my friends and family came from out of town, since Mr. Howard and I had only lived in Northern California for a year or so. So, we tried to make it as convenient for our out of town friends as possible and tried to fit everything into a few days. We did our bachelor/bachelorette parties on Thursday, Rehearsal and Dinner Friday, Wedding Saturday, and then they did a family brunch or something Sunday (Mr. Howard and I were on our honeymoon - so I'm not 100%).

My brother was in the same position during his wedding. They had only lived in Northern California for less than a year and all their friends/family were either coming from Texas or San Diego. So they did their bachelor/bachelorette parties on the Thursday before they got married for all their out-of-town friends.

On Thursday, May 29th, the boys started the day early with a golf game in the morning.

 Here they are with my brother's car:
 The funny crew:
Later that evening, the boys changed and came to a big BBQ at my parents' house for both the bride and groom and all their friends.

Hubby and I got a sitter - actually the same sitter we were having come to watch the kids two nights later for the wedding! So I got the sitter all situated and then headed over to dinner.

And then after dinner, we split up.

The girls left first in the limo and went to a bar in downtown that had a bull, for drinks and bull riding!
I wasn't in the photo above because my friend Shayna and I drove separately and we somehow missed the photo! Oops!

My aunt, me, and my little sister at the bar:
 And me and my little sister watching Miss Rebecca bull ride! Adorable!
 After the bar, we left and went to a dance club with male go-go dancers. They were AMAZING dancers. AMAZING!! We were all jealous.
 And, we pampered the bride with whatever she wanted!
I can't find a single photo of the boys that is appropriate to post after the bbq. Ha! But they had fun. A LOT. After we danced for a while, we headed over to the boys' club and met up with them! I left at this point to get home to the babysitter and hubby stayed out and made sure that everyone got home safely.

I had to work the next morning!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The most noble of professions: "A Hot Dog Man"

On Friday, June 6th - we had the kids Preschool End of the Year Celebration and Connor's Preschool GRADUATION!!! Even though Connor graduated, he will continue to go to pre-k at the same place for the remainder of the summer. He actually has never gone to school five days a week, so we thought it'd be good for him to have a little practice. Their preschool teacher is doing Handwriting Without Tears with them and going to be working on reading, so that he'll be completely ready (plus some!) for kindergarten in two months.

At the ceremony, all the graduating kids said what they wanted to be when they grow up. The other two girls' professions were adorable. One wanted to be a veterinarian because she said she wants to "take care of animals, just like how she takes care of her cat." The other one said she wanted to be a submarine driver so she can "go under water and look at fish." And then there was Connor. Oh goodness gracious. Connor said he wanted to be a "hot dog man", because he wants to "deliver hot dogs to everybody" because it's his "favorite thing to do." Ummmm. I'm not sure when he has ever delivered hot dogs to ANYBODY let alone everybody. I literally could not stop laughing. We were videotaping that part of the graduation and in the background of the video, you can hear me dying of laughter. As in UNABLE-TO-BREATH because I am dying. It was so funny. Here are these girls with these sophisticated job goals and our precious son wants to deliver hot dogs.

Their theme was 50's and they did a few numbers from Grease, which was ADORABLE!

 Connor had the most adorable graduation cap!
 Isabella wore a poodle skirt and her teacher did a ratted hairdo on her. She was a little sweaty and messy by the time I got a photo because it had been about two hours, but you get the idea! The boys wore white shirts, jeans rolled up, and spiky hair! Adorable!
 Their teacher did an art gallery wall with "What a Wonderful World" lyrics painted on their canvases. It was ridiculously cute.
 Can you tell which one Aiden painted? Haha!
 Isabella and her picture:
 My handsome boy in his cap and medal:
The "kids" (A.K.A. their teachers) gave us these ridiculously cute 50's themed framed photos and Connor requested a photo with them. They're my favorite pictures of them right now!
 A close up of the photos. I have one of Connor dressed in the 50's attire too, but I just adore the one of him in the cap and gown too:

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