Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Bachelor/Bachelorette Party to Remember

When I got married, most of my friends and family came from out of town, since Mr. Howard and I had only lived in Northern California for a year or so. So, we tried to make it as convenient for our out of town friends as possible and tried to fit everything into a few days. We did our bachelor/bachelorette parties on Thursday, Rehearsal and Dinner Friday, Wedding Saturday, and then they did a family brunch or something Sunday (Mr. Howard and I were on our honeymoon - so I'm not 100%).

My brother was in the same position during his wedding. They had only lived in Northern California for less than a year and all their friends/family were either coming from Texas or San Diego. So they did their bachelor/bachelorette parties on the Thursday before they got married for all their out-of-town friends.

On Thursday, May 29th, the boys started the day early with a golf game in the morning.

 Here they are with my brother's car:
 The funny crew:
Later that evening, the boys changed and came to a big BBQ at my parents' house for both the bride and groom and all their friends.

Hubby and I got a sitter - actually the same sitter we were having come to watch the kids two nights later for the wedding! So I got the sitter all situated and then headed over to dinner.

And then after dinner, we split up.

The girls left first in the limo and went to a bar in downtown that had a bull, for drinks and bull riding!
I wasn't in the photo above because my friend Shayna and I drove separately and we somehow missed the photo! Oops!

My aunt, me, and my little sister at the bar:
 And me and my little sister watching Miss Rebecca bull ride! Adorable!
 After the bar, we left and went to a dance club with male go-go dancers. They were AMAZING dancers. AMAZING!! We were all jealous.
 And, we pampered the bride with whatever she wanted!
I can't find a single photo of the boys that is appropriate to post after the bbq. Ha! But they had fun. A LOT. After we danced for a while, we headed over to the boys' club and met up with them! I left at this point to get home to the babysitter and hubby stayed out and made sure that everyone got home safely.

I had to work the next morning!


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