Thursday, June 26, 2014

Colin and Rebecca's Rehearsal Dinner

On May 30th, my brother and his fiance had their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at the country club where they got married!

My beautiful sissy and her handsome beau:

I could have sworn I got photos of the soon-to-be bride and groom at the rehearsal, but apparently I didn't. It must have been all that child wrangling Mr. Howard and I were doing.  It was crazy busy because we were BOTH in the wedding, which meant we didn't have anyone to watch the kids. I kept counting kids to make sure I had all three. I'd quickly count, "1...2...3..." and then go back to rehearsing. It wasn't until a man from the golf course called out, "Is there anyone here for an Aiden?" that I realized I was counting Rebecca's nephew as one of my kids. PARENTING FAIL!!!! He had slipped out to the golf course (which was only about 50 feet away) and was attempting an escape. Goodness gracious; that child makes me humble.

After dinner, everyone (minus Mr. Howard and the kids - who went home to go to bed!) came back to my parents' house for drinks and dessert. My mom and dad had gone to the Cheesecake Factory earlier to get 30 individual cheesecake slices to serve for dessert. They were delicious, or so I was told (I refrained and had fruit instead!).


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